KBD1-BT Waterproof industrial keyboard with touchpad, Bluetooth

  • High-quality keyboard from CHERRY
  • Compact notebook keyboard
  • Full key width
  • Comfortable and ergonomic key stroke
  • Soft pressure point actuation (short stroke)
  • Large touchpad as a mouse replacement
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Dirt and splash water protection
  • Silicone key membrane

The KBD1 waterproof industrial hygiene keyboard is a high-quality and reliable keyboard with notebook keypad and integrated touchpad. Due to its cleaning and disinfection capability, it is particularly suitable for use in hospitals and medical practices, food processing, appliance manufacturing, and industrial environments. The protective silicone membrane protects the keyboard against penetration of dirt and liquids.

Thanks to the light keystroke and precise key guidance, the KBD1 is also recommended as a multi-typist keyboard in hygienically critical environments. By using scissor technology with open plain bearings, the key buttons are guided at the four outer points, which ensures excellent key guidance and haptics even with eccentric actuation. The flat, side-beveled keys allow easy cleaning of the keypad. KBD1 is available in three variants: wired with a USB cable, with radio transmission via a USB dongle, or as a Bluetooth variant, e.g. for tablets or handhelds. German QWERTZ layout, other layouts on request.

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