KBD3 Washable PC Keyboard

Order Code: ACC-GEN-KBD3-DE
  • High-quality keyboard from CHERRY
  • Excellent cleanability
  • 100% rinseable and washable
  • Resistant to immersion
  • Keypad with fluid drainage
  • Flat, ergonomic design

With the KBD3 you always keep your keyboard and workplace sustainably clean. KBD3 is a modern PC keyboard with impressive qualities in terms of cleanliness at the workplace.
With its flat, forward-sloping keys, the KBD3 keyboard is not only extremely easy to clean, but also allows rinsing and washing from all sides. Best results are achieved with manual cleaning using a rag or soft brush under running water or in the sink. The KBD3 can remain in the water for up to 30 minutes. Skin-friendly dishwashing detergents can be used for the washing process.
During operation, integrated drainage channels ensure that spilled liquids (such as coffee) are quickly drained from the keypad. Cleaning in a dishwasher is strongly discouraged, as the drying temperature of dishwashers can reach up to 100°.
Standard: German QWERTZ layout, other layouts on request.

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