Does the battery contain Cobalt in the Impakt BC200 Bodycam?

Cobalt is a raw material that is important for the production of lithium-ion batteries on the one hand, but is also repeatedly criticised for problematic degradation conditions on the other. These include dangerous mine shafts, lack of basic supplies and the systematic occurrence of child labour.

Cobalt is also built into the battery of the Impakt BC200 Bodycam, as in all smartphones or tablets. Here, the chemical properties of cobalt ensure a high energy density and rapid charging capability. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided at present. However, we are monitoring the battery market very closely and will work towards conflict-free mining of cobalt.

One Impakt BC200 battery contains approximately 3 grams of cobalt.

Using modern battery recycling processes, over 90% of the materials used in the battery – including cobalt – can be separated and processed. In this way, new batteries can be created from old ones.

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