How long does the battery of the Impakt BC200 Bodycam last?

Unfortunately it is not possible to make a general statement here. The battery of the Impakt BC200 Bodycam is powerful and designed for industrial use. With 11,4 Wh it is designed for the typical patrol day of 12 hours at the German police. It can withstand hundreds of charging cycles and is designed for use in temperatures ranging from -25° C to over 70° C. While the battery is very resistant in cold weather, its performance drops noticeably at high temperatures above 40° C. However, this is not a weakness of the battery, but of the battery technology itself.

Generally speaking, battery life depends on battery health, battery temperature and the functions used. You can achieve maximum battery life by setting the video resolution to 480P, GPS off, infrared off and video quality to low. One of the biggest power guzzlers are functions like WLAN and GPS. If you can do without these functions, you will enjoy a much longer battery life.

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