This is how Bodycams and Actioncams differ from each other

Some speak of the surveillance state, victims who have already been victims of violence affirm the bodycam in police operations.

What distinguishes Bodycams from Dashcams or Actioncams? The mode of operation is the same. The Bodycam as well as the Dashcam and Actioncam record more or less the same events and let them be seen again afterwards. Dashcams are designed for car traffic and record lightning fast movements and dangerous situations. The Actioncam becomes the companion in the context of rapid departures or different extreme sports and serves the afterwards accomplished critical argument of errors or equally as promotion or fan video.

High wide angle but also simple use speak for Bodycams in the context of professional applications. #

The new Impakt Bodycams are robust recording devices in the form of a small box, which is securely and firmly attached to the upper body on the uniform. The Impakt Bodycam scores with a wide recording angle of 140°, so the whole scene is captured in the policeman’s field of vision.

Full HD recordings deliver razor-sharp images and a recording quality that makes face recognition of perpetrators no longer a puzzle. The shock-resistant body cam switches the light conditions individually and automatically activates the night vision mode. The switching is completely automatic and requires no interaction with the operator.

Due to their weatherproof characteristics as well as the clear pictures even in heavy rain, Bodycams provide maximum safety for police services and service providers in the security sector.

Bodycams and their influence on suspicious people #

The bodycam records the whole event, so that every denial becomes a senseless activity. Experiences in the USA have shown that people generally act more calmly and refrain from violent acts. So they have a deescalating effect here. However, the situation here can vary somewhat from country to country. In some regions in Germany, the potential for aggression towards uniform wearers has even increased for switching on the camera. From our point of view, this is a very short-sighted behavior, since the camera records everything. Especially because of the increasing potential for violence against them, we recommend the use by police officers, public order offices and security services.

The Impakt Bodycam does not limit its wearer in any way. The weight of the camera of well under 200 grams is hardly noticeable on the vest. At the same time it is untiring due to the integrated long-life battery, which allows up to 12 hours of continuous shooting.

Citizens hope for more security through the use of body cams, as long as we can catch and identify criminals faster. As with Dashcams, body cams have been criticized by privacy advocates because they can draw attention to other people. In the criminal area, with terror danger or with sexual assaults it is beyond question that a suspect will not give consent to the investigation of evidence and must approve the recording.  The corresponding regulations are anchored in the state laws of the police. There are restrictions here, especially for recording in private homes.

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