What is pre-recording or afterwards recording?

Pre-Recording is a special function of Bodycams, to save a scene that has already passed in the near past. This article will show you how it works and what advantages Pre-Recording offers.

Pre-Recording can prove useful in missions #

Pilot projects in the various federal states investigated whether pre-recording is a useful method of reducing crime. The bodycam is located either on the shoulder or in the chest area of the police officers. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages here. The shoulder camera is about the size of a webcam and is placed on a platform on the shoulder. It offers the advantage that the camera is directly at eye level. This means that the image is directed directly in front of the officer and in the direct field of view of the person wearing it. Body cameras, on the other hand, score points with their uncomplicated and flexible set-up. As they do not have to be fixed, no adjustment of the uniform is necessary. It can therefore also be worn by changing personnel.

Impakt body cams use the special pre-recording function, which allows a scene to be recorded 120 seconds later and saved at the touch of a button. This function is particularly useful when a situation gets out of control.  No matter if it comes to insults, fisticuffs or a brawl out of control, a recording of the situation can help to create a detailed statement about the course of events. Professional body cams also offer evidence that can be used in court.

This is how it works #

The Bodycam records the video material in a continuous loop and stores the last 120 seconds in the buffer memory. The flashing LED ring clearly indicates the pre-recording to those affected.

This is how you can imagine the whole thing: The live recorded video material is temporarily stored in a separate memory. As soon as the camera is in pre-recording mode, the recording is permanent and the last 60 seconds are buffered. When the record button is pressed, the data is transferred from the buffer memory to the permanent memory and the real-time video material is attached.

Advantages of pre-recording in use #

  • Subsequent recording of the last 2 minutes to restore possible events or actions at the touch of a button
  • The perfect evidence to reconstruct statements
  • Sometimes it is not possible to get to the pre-recording button in case of fights or scuffles, because the police officer has to take action
  • Preventive de-escalation effect, as recording of behaviour promotes more respectful treatment and more rule-compliant behaviour on both sides

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