Who can wear a body cam?

Basically everyone is allowed to use and wear a bodycam, but there are some basic things to consider:

Using a Bodycam in your own walls #

There are no restrictions for the use of a body cam in your own apartment.

Use of bodycams in non-public places #

In non-public places, the use of cameras of any kind can be determined by the owner of the house rights. Thus also the carrying and use of Bodycams can be forbidden. Here the house right stands only once over your interests, if it comes to a goods consideration. The “mere” wearing of a bodycam is usually permitted (unless the holder of the householder’s rights specifies otherwise).

The use of bodycams by authorities in apartments is currently controversial, as this is an invasion of privacy. This is handled differently from state to state.

Use of bodycams in public places #

In public places you may wear a body cam at any time. What is not allowed, however, is “permanent filming”.

General restriction on the use of bodcams #

Unauthorized and unannounced filming of persons without their consent is not permitted by law. The right to one’s own image (personal rights) is strongly pronounced by the Basic Law in Germany. If you film other persons without their consent, any of the filmed persons can send you a warning and demand a cease and desist declaration. If the warning is carried out by a lawyer, the lawyer must also pay the lawyer’s fees.

If you plan to use body cams regularly in your company, make sure to add this to the house rules and point out the video recordings.

Important: Please note that this is not legal advice, but only our assessment of the current legal situation in Germany. Outside of Germany the legal situation may differ. In case of doubt, please ask a lawyer.

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