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Bodycams have been in use by the police for a long time. They are an important tool for more safety and convince with state-of-the-art technology and easy application. They record clearly and distinctly, can be used in the rain and at night and ensure a long operating time thanks to their powerful battery. For escalating demonstrations, against thieves or traffic offenders, to avert physical and verbal violence as well as to record imminent escalations, body cams are ideal helpers in everyday police work. But also for private security companies the compact cameras can be useful for protection against assaults and securing evidence. Bodycams from WEROCK deter potential perpetrators and thus contribute to the preventive protection of persons and property. In view of the growing number of violent attacks on security personnel, their use at major events, festivals or demos is also of great interest.

However, body cams also relieve the burden on the courts and avoid lengthy negotiations according to the statement against statement concept, as they provide visible and irrevocable evidence. The small camera attached to the uniform makes a clear statement that security must not be left to chance and that the investigative work of the police must not be unnecessarily complicated. Even if the camera does not prevent an act of violence, it does act as a deterrent and makes some potential attackers think twice and refrain from their plans.

Fields of application

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Protection of property

Whether it is industrial and office facilities, exhibition centres, film studios, hotels, shopping centres or airports, the following applies to all areas: professional and efficient property and plant security guarantees the necessary framework conditions for the stability of business processes and thus makes an important contribution to the success of a company. Our Impakt Bodycam solution supports security staff during tours and records situations objectively and neutrally, where perpetrators are not deterred by existing video surveillance - or where it cannot be installed. It is designed to support frontline staff, whether they are police, fire or security personnel as the number of attacks on uniform wearers increases.

Admission controls and security in festival operations

Depending on the type of event, a comprehensive security concept with numerous security staff is required for security on event sites. Disputes, physical attacks and damage to property are not uncommon here. While security services are trained to deal with these situations, it is often difficult to obtain evidence in subsequent court proceedings. Here a WEROCK Bodycam is a robust tool at your side and records all situations with a high level of evidence. Especially for the festival operator a permanent purchase of a bodycam solution is not worthwhile. For use at festivals we therefore offer a "Festival Pack", which can be rented for the duration of the event. For further information please contact our sales department.

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Safety in railway operations

More security for passengers and railway employees can be realised by using WEROCK Bodycams. Especially in the evenings, at night and on weekends as well as during events and sports events, the action becomes restless. A bodycam can perform valuable documentation tasks and have a de-escalating effect. For example, after several pilot projects, Deutsche Bahn AG is using bodycams for security forces in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and Nuremberg. In other countries, too, the testing of bodycams has already begun. Please contact our sales team for further information about our BodyCam solution for the railway network.

Personal security

While in personal protection popular spycams are rarely legally acceptable, with the Impakt BC200 you are on the safe side. The clearly visible design of the Impakt bodycams signals to the person concerned that they could be taken - and whether they will be taken. Thus, you technically meet the requirements for the right to informational self-determination. The Impakt bodycam solution is therefore ideally suited for undisguised recording. With a bodycam, however, you can record attacks in a court-proof manner with image and sound and store them in a tamper-proof manner.

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