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Digital Evidence Management Software

The Impakt DEMS software is your hub for managing your bodycam videos. It consolidates all your digital evidence in one place. The data is stored locally and does not require an internet connection. Search for evidence based on various search parameters and assign descriptions to individual videos. Every activity is automatically logged by Impakt DEMS and can be traced at any time. Part of the software is also the MapVideo Player, which decodes your RSA2048 encrypted videos and offers you a mapped video playback. So you not only see the exact location coordinates in the video, but also the course of movement and the current position on a map. Impakt DEMS enables particularly uncomplicated operation for your employees. It checks at any time whether a bodycam is connected to the computer, synchronises the data and removes the transmitted evidence from the bodycam. This process is automatic – there is no need to interact with the computer.

  • Software for the management of evidence videos
  • Mapped video playback – playback of videos with digital map with current location
  • Decryption of RSA2048 encrypted videos
  • Searching and filtering of videos
  • Marking of important videos
  • Deletion of videos after a defined period of time
  • Automatic synchronisation of up to 20 body cams simultaneously
  • Integrated user management
  • Logging of all activities

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