Protective films for Scoria A104 / A105

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Three different screen protectors are available for Scoria A100 series models:

Anti-reflective protective films

Efficient reduction of reflections and simultaneous protection of the display. The 0.13 mm thick special plastic effectively protects sensitive displays from mechanical damage and scratches. The Anti-Scratch film protects the display from scratches. In case of a fall, the Anti-Scratch display film can even prevent the display from splintering.

SKU: ACC-A104-PRT1 / ACC-A105-PRT1

Protective glass films (crystal clear)

The hybrid glass used is an extremely resistant flexible composite of glass and special polymer with the flexibility of a film combined with the hard surface of glass. The hard surface of 7H according to ISO 15184 guarantees efficient scratch protection of sensitive displays and surfaces. It is the perfect combination of the properties of transparent glass and the flexibility of a plastic film. The result is a very flexible bendable and transparent surface protection that has a glass hard surface and yet is elastic enough not to shatter like glass. Equipped with a thin silicone layer, Hybrid Glass films adhere perfectly to all smooth surfaces made of plastic, glass or metal without leaving any residue when removed later. Touch surfaces are effectively protected from scratches and mechanical damage. The additional layer makes it the perfect scratch protection and superior to conventional bulletproof glass.

SKU: ACC-A104-PRT2 / ACC-A105-PRT2

Protective glass film (reflection reducing)

Like the crystal clear film, but the additional layer is not crystal clear but anti-reflective, making it perfect for outdoor use.

SKU: ACC-A104-PRT3 / ACC-A105-PRT3