C-ball retaining clip


Features & Benefits

The C-ball retaining clip is ideal for quick, tool-free attachment to round, flat and other tubes or rods.

  • High-strength composite with rust-resistant steel elements.
  • Rubber coating on the inside of the clamp ensures a stable fit and protects the surface
  • Clamp jaws are suitable for round, flat or odd shapes
  • Simple and quick fastening of the clamp (tool-free)

SKUs & Compatibility

SKUDescriptionØ min.Ø max.
ACC-GEN-R026C-ball retaining clip, small15,88 mm38,1 mm
ACC-GEN-R027C-ball retaining clip, large25,4 mm57,15 mm
ACC-GEN-R028C-ball retaining clip, medium25,4 mm47,63 mm
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