Rugged Tablets

No matter whether heat, humidity or other extreme conditions. The Rugged tablets the WEROCK Rocktab series defy all external conditions and rock every environment

Ruggedized Features

Certified robustness

It is important to be able to work in any environment. Rocktab tablets are usually tested for resilience according to military standards. Protection against vibrations, multiple drops from a height of more than one meter and extremely hot and cold temperatures are tested.
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Performance on demand

Rely on modern standards for your IT. Rocktab tablets are equipped with modern, powerful and energy-efficient processors. The advanced architectures enable multitasking for all your applications - regardless of which industry you are in.

Protected from water and dust

Rocktab tablets are fully protected from water and dust with an ingress protection rating of IP65 or better. A Rocktab is built for harsh environments, you can always use it even in the rain.
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Strong security features​

We understand that security plays an important role in businesses. All Rocktab tablets therefore offer strong security features on hardware and software level such as: TPM 2.0, Windows Bitlocker, Windows Hello or Defender Antivirus. All products also offer additional individual security features.

Built for outdoor use

The display of a tablet is the essential ergonomic component. Designed for outdoor use, the robust Rocktabs offer excellent displays that are high-contrast and very bright. With a Rocktab you can work without restrictions even in bright sunshine. Powerful and modern hot-swap battery technologies ensure that you never run out of juice.

Perfect connectivity in all situations

Rocktab tablets are real workhorses. They numerous interfaces & expansion options. Equipped with powerful wireless technology, they stay perfectly connected in industrial environments.

Overview of all Rocktab models

Always ready to rock with WEROCK Rugged Tablets

Rocktab S108

8" Fully Rugged Tablet
  • IP67 Protection
  • Android 11 GMS / Windows 10
  • 37 Wh Battery
  • GPS, 4G LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth
  • USB 3 & USB C

Rocktab S208

8" Fully Rugged Tablet
  • IP67 Protection & MIL-STD-810G
  • Android 11 GMS
  • 6 GB RAM & 128 GB SSD
  • 4G LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth, NFC
  • USB C

Rocktab S110

10" Fully Rugged Tablet
  • IP65 Protection
  • Android 11 GMS / Windows 10
  • Exchangable 37 Wh Battery
  • GPS, 4G LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth
  • RJ45, RS232, USB 3 & USB C

Rocktab L110

High Brightness 10,1" Fully Rugged Tablet
  • IP65 Protection & MIL-STD-810G
  • Android 9 GMS or Windows 10
  • 37 Wh Battery
  • GPS, 4G LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth
  • USB 2.0
  • Digitizer Support

Rocktab U210

10,1" Fully Rugged Tablet
  • IP65 Protection & MIL-STD-810G
  • Intel® Pentium or Celeron CPU
  • 38 Wh Hot-Swap Battery
  • 8 GB RAM & 128 SSD
  • Ultra thin - only 15 mm

Rocktab U212

11,6" Fully Rugged Tablet
  • IP65 Protection & MIL-STD-810G
  • Intel® Pentium or Core i5 CPU
  • Hot-Swap Battery up to 76 Wh
  • Up to 16 GB RAM & 1 TB SSD
  • Tons of options

Rocktab U214

13,3" Fully Rugged Tablet
  • IP65 Protection & MIL-STD-810G
  • Intel® Core i5 CPU
  • Huge 91 Wh battery
  • Up to 16 GB RAM & 2 TB SSD
  • Tons of options

Frequently Asked Questions

Digitization has long since ceased to be a dream of the future, but is part of everyday life at home and, above all, in companies. Traditional business concepts are increasingly being expanded, changed and in some cases even replaced. Information technology is changing physical models to virtual spaces and offerings that focus more on individual customer care and knowledge dissemination. Focusing on the needs of customers and creating exclusive added value for each individual are major challenges, but at the same time great opportunities. Business concepts are evolving to enhance interactions with customers and offer skills, knowledge and capabilities.

How can companies thus become more digital? Rugged industrial tablets offer the ultimate all-rounder solution here. With particularly powerful processors, a large working memory and WLAN or 4G LTE connectivity, they can keep up with industrial PCs, but at the same time offer great added value through their mobility. Documents, photos and data can be accessed, changed and added to on the move at any time. This means that every authorized employee has access to important data that is needed both on the store floor and on the road for process flows, regardless of location and time. Due to the much lighter weight and accessories such as holders, bags and straps, tablets offer the possibility to take them everywhere. Special vehicle mounts make it easier to take them to outside appointments or even the trips themselves, as the tablets also serve as navigation and route planners. Another feature that tablets have in contrast to PCs is the long-lasting battery as well as the partly optional possibility to change batteries during operation.

Particularly robust displays with touchscreens offer intuitive operation with fingers or even with gloves. Additional accessories optimize individual use, such as an input pen for precise work like drawings, sketches and plans. The displays are also made for permanent outdoor use, as their higher contrast and brightness ensure better readability in sunlight and rain. The particularly robust housing and secure touchscreen make industrial tablets mostly waterproof and dustproof, which is designed for harsh work operations in factories. Likewise, they can withstand drops, vibrations and shocks.

With the help of WLAN and LTE access, it is possible to communicate without interruption with employees, management, suppliers or customers. This direct communication as well as the possibility to send files saves time and walking. An optional camera additionally facilitates the documentation of various processes, but also defects and errors, which can then be forwarded to the appropriate place.

One of the biggest advantages of industrial tablets is the ease of use of the hardware as well as the software and applications. The use of tablets is similar to that of smartphones. These are already so integrated into everyday life that operation is often intuitive. Tablets offer companies the opportunity to combine several devices and thus increase the mobility and productivity of employees as well as the efficiency of work processes.

With the Rocktabs, WEROCK offers industrial tablets that precisely meet the challenges and requirements of a company for tablets. The particularly robust housings and multi-touch screens offer end devices for harsh industrial and weather conditions. The powerful processors as well as network connections work for all important programs and applications which are needed centrally and mobile. Optional accessories for comfort and vehicles are available individually. In addition, the modular design allows each tablet to be configured and adapted to the wishes and requirements of the company.

Individual configurations such as other hard disks or LTE modules are of course possible, even in larger quantities. Just send us an e-mail with the necessary requirements and we will send you a suitable offer.

Unlike consumer or business tablets, rugged tablets are manufactured in much smaller quantities. IT hardware can be produced cheaply if it is manufactured in large quantities. Large and fast production lines can be set up for automated production. However, in the production of ruggedised notebooks everything is different. For industrial customers, long-term availability is also important. The components used can hardly be compared with those of conventional IT. They are designed for long-term availability, durability and extreme temperatures. At the same time, ruggedised tablets are only produced in very small quantities, and their production can hardly be automated due to the high effort involved in housing production. All this increases the manufacturing costs. Additional cost drivers are the costly sales and customer support – because before the purchase a lot of advice, loaning and possibly also adjustments are required.

We offer quantity discounts starting from a small order quantity. With our product configurator you can let us know which options you need exactly in which quantity. We will gladly send you the best price.

We offer a wide range of accessories and expansions for all products to integrate them perfectly into your application.

We have a large selection of office tablets, ultra-light tablets, very powerful tablets and robust notebooks. Please send us an email with your requirements and we will offer you the most suitable device.

The so-called ruggedized tablets have been designed for use in particularly harsh environments or under adverse climatic conditions. They are so robust that they are suitable for outdoor and open-air use. WEROCK offers high quality rugged tablet models for a variety of applications in the computer sector. Rocktab tablets belong to the category “Fully-Rugged”. Generally, such tablets are divided into the categories Semi-Rugged, Fully-rugged and Ultra-Rugged:

  • Semi-Rugged
    Very compact with noble design, oriented to consumer devices, reasonably priced.
    High performance processors require ventilation slots.
    Vibration-, splash water- and shock-proof e.g. according to IP53
    partly to military standard.
  • Fully-Rugged
    Fully protected industrial/military tablets.
    Completely water and dust protected housing, protection class IP 65.
    Certified to military standard MIL-STD 810G (Military specifications for use in the most adverse conditions).
  • Ultra-Rugged
    Maximum protected industrial/military tablets for extreme requirements. Completely water and dust protected housing, protection class IP 65, certified to MIL-STD 810G + EMC. Usually equipped with special screw terminals for use in military applications.

In addition to our own tablets, you can also obtain semi-rugged and ultra-rugged tablets from us. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

For the production, packaging and transport of a rugged tablet, we make compensation payments corresponding to a CO2 emission of 180 kg per kilo product weight. The actual footprint is significantly lower. Since the effort and costs of calculating the exact footprint would not be economical for industrial niche products, we and our partners decided to opt for significant overcompensation. 


One of the major emission factors, besides manufacturing, are packaging and transport. Rocktabs score here with a cardboard that is almost entirely made of unbleached paper. In contrast to the usual transport route by air freight, the devices reach Germany by rail. Not only because of the lower price, but also because of the significantly lower CO2 emissions – a CO2 saving of about 90%. Only for particularly urgent orders and if it is logistically unavoidable, we choose air freight.

Ready to rock your business?

Let our rugged tablets convince you! Request your individual offer for your Rocktab now. If you are not yet sure which Rockbook best suits your requirements, please contact us by e-mail, chat or give us a call.

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