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Alongside the energy turnaround, digitisation is now one of the main drivers of municipal utilities, regional suppliers and other utilities. Requirements are changing and processes are increasingly taking place digitally and online. The demand for computer technology in the field is constantly growing and augmented reality is becoming increasingly relevant. However, effective personnel deployment planning is also crucial for efficient water, gas and energy supply companies. Mobile workforce management solutions not only allow you to respond more quickly to incidents and requests, but thanks to improved control of field staff activities with applications such as planning, time recording, alerts and more, you can also ensure that staff productivity remains high. Regardless of which line of business your company belongs to, data is your raw material for making your processes and services efficient and customer-oriented.

Field staff need equipment that works regardless of weather conditions – even in snow and rain. WEROCK was founded with the aim of equipping heroes in the utilities sector. From the very beginning it was clear that only durable equipment would be suitable for them. With our powerful tools you are perfectly equipped. They are robust by nature. We at WEROCK will accompany you in the successful transformation to a digital service provider and equip your heroes with tailor-made, user-oriented IT hardware. Our products are designed to be ready for use at all times, even in difficult environments such as extreme temperatures, and to withstand shocks and falls. At the same time, high-performance options offer enough power for real-time calculations, generous battery life, online access to maps, communication, exact positioning and much more.

According to the Vision study “Future of Field Operation”, by 2019 almost 50 percent of energy and utility companies will already rely on robust tablets. This figure is expected to rise to 80 percent in the coming years. Are you already undergoing digital change? Work smarter and choose solutions from WEROCK.

Fields of application

Electricity supplier

The digitalisation of the energy industry is already in full swing. Due to the increasing spread of smart grid and smart meter infrastructures and new energy sources, the utility sector is subject to rapid change. Field service staff check the condition of installations such as transformer stations and distribution cabins outside on site and report any detected defects. With robust mobile IT, they can digitally record the values of the installations directly and intelligently compare them against standard values, record reports and carry out configurations. The employees receive the electronic orders directly in the digital route planning. They show the structure of the respective station and the directly corresponding checklist with control tasks that have to be worked through on site.

Gas & Water

Digitisation is high on the agenda of many municipal gas and water suppliers or special-purpose associations. Better data enable intelligent network management. Digital technologies support business processes, save costs and improve service quality. In Central Europe, drinking water supply and sewage systems in particular are among the largest, most reliable systems in the world. However, sewage systems in particular are outdated in many places and require constant monitoring and maintenance. The requirements are also increasing due to increased documentation obligations, environmental protection and sustainable development. Intelligent solutions are therefore required to save costs, optimise processes and improve customer service in the management of complex technical supply infrastructures. Rugged portable computer solutions make it easier for field staff to properly maintain equipment and infrastructure. Information and reports can be transmitted and updated in real time, and integrated cameras make it easy to record and report problems.


Because fast Internet offers many new possibilities, for example with smart TVs, the demand for ever greater bandwidths is growing. Many municipal utilities and supply network operators are now investing in the expansion of broadband networks to meet the increased requirements. However, this also increases the need for supporting IT systems. No matter whether checklists or work instructions, the safety of the employees in the field is the top priority. With WEROCK devices you improve work safety and compliance, as your employees always have up-to-date information on site. In this way you minimise unknown variables and security risks in the field. Fibre optic expansion in particular requires intelligent solutions for mapping and documenting the empty pipe network. The upcoming expansion of the 5G networks, but also the maintenance of existing distributors and line tests of the telephone network also require reliable working tools. While currently only a few companies with intelligent sensors rely on predictive maintenance, this number will increase dramatically in the coming years. Our robust IT solutions are ready when you are.

Mobile meter reading services

Mobile reading of meter readings is no longer conceivable today without robust IT. If the main task is to read read readings from electricity meters or other devices, a light, smaller tablet or a handheld PDA is usually sufficient. More and more utilities are introducing smart meters and technologies for automated meter reading (Automated Meter Reading or "smart metering"), which bring cost savings, better service and improved efficiency. If the reading is done by a new automated meter reading technology, e.g. using RFID technology, this has two advantages for utilities. Fewer errors occur compared to manual reading and the reading is faster, allowing staff to take more readings per day. Mobile WEROCK devices support you with WLAN and RFID options to realise trouble-free automatic meter reading in passing by.

Asset and facility management

Utilities often need to manage a complex portfolio of equipment - from compressors and trailers to vehicles and lifts. To ensure and optimise equipment compliance over time, utilities must maintain a good overview of their equipment, policies and processes. Across all divisions and processes, special software systems not only support the trouble-free and safe operation of the supply network, but also ensure greater efficiency and transparency as well as decision-making reliability in asset management. The safety of the field staff in asset management is the top priority. Regardless of whether you act as a separate department of the network operator, as a subsidiary or as an external service provider - professional network service means competence in planning, construction and commissioning of networks as well as their maintenance with continuous inspections and a 24-hour on-call service.

With predictive maintenance and intelligent sensors more and more utilities are switching to digital maintenance. Digital solutions help to better monitor infrastructures - also remotely - and to pre-order spare parts in time, even before they fail. The success of maintenance teams also depends on mobile devices. WEROCK devices support you with best connectivity, industrial interfaces, an outdoor-suitable user interface and long battery life.

Mobile GIS, surveying and mapping

The availability of digital geoinformation is of central importance for many areas of public administration. Almost all processes in local government have a spatial reference, so geodata provide an important basis for decision-making. WEROCK solutions and devices are ideally suited for GIS applications where GPS is indispensable as a geographical and topographical data source. They are equipped with modern GPS/GNSS sensors (usually from the leading Swiss manufacturer uBlox), fast data connection with 4G or 5G as well as IEEE 802.11ac WLAN, Bluetooth and enable complex planning activities to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Employees working in the field for utilities spend a large part of their time outdoors. Particularly when surveying, the displays must be particularly visible. WEROCK products are designed exactly for this use under these conditions and are therefore bright and contrasty. The display is inherently anti-reflective or an optional anti-reflection film is available. With large batteries and hot-swap options, the devices can be operated all day without interruption. With powerful CPU options, they deliver enough processing power to meet your application needs. At the same time, they provide enough RAM and memory to ensure smooth execution of GIS/mapping applications.

Application scenarios and reports for for public service

Suitable products for public service

Services for the utilities sector

Additional services are offered either by WEROCK partners or directly by WEROCK. We work closely with customers and partners in the utilities sector, both before and after purchase as well as during product implementation and rollout of our equipment, to ensure smooth and efficient processes.

Suitable for you

We understand that no two utilities are alike. That is why we develop and design customised systems for you, together with you. Because nothing comes “off the shelf” with us, you are guaranteed to always receive the best technology available on the market. If you have special requirements that are not solved by our standard components, our employees will find the right solution or modification for you. Numerous adaptations can also be implemented in small quantities. We already offer many products with a wide range of options such as barcode scanners, smart card readers, NFC sensors or holders. Always in the shortest possible time and to the highest standards.

Warranty packages

“Premium Care” offers maximum protection and planning security for your device. It goes far beyond the warranty protection and also includes self-inflicted damage. So you can always stay within your IT budget.

“Care” extends the standard warranty by the desired period. Both warranty packages are available in the terms 1 year, 3 years and 5 years.


Warranty packages are available from WEROCK and all participating WEROCK partners. Processing via dealers is not necessary. WEROCK remains your contact partner during the entire process, even if you did not purchase the device directly from us.

This means for you that if something does happen, faster processing and significantly less downtime. You can find more details about our warranty packages.

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