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The demands on corporate warehouses and transport and logistics companies are higher today than ever before. Nevertheless, paper-based processes are often still the order of the day. Poorly legible handwriting or misinterpreted copies offer potential for errors. Yet cost pressure is still a major challenge in logistics. Rising wage and raw material prices, international competition and greater price transparency are a concern for all logistics companies. To achieve a positive cash flow, orders must be fulfilled as efficiently as possible and existing savings potential must be fully exploited. Specialized robust solutions can significantly increase the efficiency of your employees and at the same time provide your company with a significant ROI advantage. Reliable and fail-safe computer solutions from WEROCK ensure smooth communication and are an important prerequisite for efficient processes – throughout the entire supply chain.

Mobile computers from WEROCK are equipped with modern technologies and functions. Stay connected at all times thanks to 4G (LTE) or 5G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This ensures smooth data access everywhere. As experts in the logistics environment, we know that only outstanding scan engines are suitable for smooth operation. For this reason, our devices are only equipped with the best available scanning modules.

The logistic environment is particularly rough. With frequently changing personnel and short training periods, the mechanical demands on logistics IT are also particularly high. Devices are dropped and handled roughly. All WEROCK products are inherently robust and designed to withstand all conditions. Extensive tests during the development phase and industrially proven components guarantee that the devices process, transmit and provide reliable data at all times. They are water- and dustproof and can withstand drops, vibrations and extreme temperatures. With mobile devices from WEROCK, you can ensure that your employees always have access to powerful, reliable and extremely robust technology.

We know that a clean and reliable integration of logistics IT plays an important role. WEROCK solutions for the logistics industry include numerous individual components such as docking stations and brackets for every type of vehicle – no matter if forklift, car, truck or rail vehicle. We look back on the experience of numerous projects.

Fields of application

Intralogistics, incoming and outgoing goods

Improved internal processing leads to faster and better service. Smooth warehousing is essential in all sizes of business. Effective material transport in the warehouse requires efficient workflows, accurate documentation and minimal handling errors. E-commerce companies that accept orders around the clock and need to process them in real time are particularly affected. With a transparent flow of goods from incoming goods, through storage, to picking, staging and shipping, you can increase your efficiency. To increase this, real-time connection of your employees is indispensable. Handheld computers play a decisive role here. WEROCK's rugged devices are designed to withstand demanding environments and enable seamless collaboration with leading warehouse management and ERP programs.
A digitally documented flow of goods in an agile, optimized, compliant and networked process gives your productivity a boost. First-class, modern technologies from WEROCK provide the perfect foundation for your requirements.

Loading Management

Fast, efficient and safe loading is a complex challenge. Larger logistics companies, ports and airports today work non-stop with tight schedules. Even the slightest delay in loading and unloading can lead to considerable disruption and costs. With WEROCK computers you can work reliably at all times under all conditions and remain constantly networked. Reduce waiting times and increase throughput with real-time tracking to identify, prioritize and track trailers, pallets or containers on your premises. Mobile computers from WEROCK are equipped with modern technologies and communication functions. WEROCK devices give you the ability to streamline workflows and strengthen security by tracking assets, networking your staff, minimizing waiting and handling times and ensuring regulatory compliance - every step of the way.

Parcel Services & Forwarding Agencies

High deadline pressure, error-free warehouse management, high turnover rates - the challenges facing freight forwarding companies are growing. Smoothly functioning processes are decisive for success. Mobile logistics hardware from WEROCK helps you to realize this. With WEROCK equipment, fleet managers can ensure that deliveries get from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible. Improve your delivery punctuality by tracking traffic situations, using intelligent Track&Trace technologies and giving employees a working tool where they can do all their jobs - anytime, anywhere. Seamless tracking through checkpoints and GPS increases transparency towards your customers and at the same time their satisfaction. On site at the customer's location, the compact mobile WEROCK devices make it easier for you to record signatures, proof of delivery and documentation of the delivery status.

Suitable products for transport & logistics

Application scenarios and reports for transport & logistics

Services for transport & logistics​

Additional services are offered either by WEROCK partners or directly by WEROCK. We work closely with customers and partners from the industry both before and after purchase as well as during product implementation and rollout of our equipment to ensure smooth and efficient processes.

Suitable for you

We understand that no two industries are alike. That is why we develop and design customised systems for you, together with you. Because nothing comes “off the shelf” with us, you are guaranteed to always receive the best technology available on the market. If you have special requirements that are not solved by our standard components, our employees will find the right solution or modification for you. Numerous adaptations can also be implemented even in small quantities. We already offer many products with a wide range of options such as barcode scanners, smart card readers, NFC sensors or brackets. Always in the shortest possible time and to the highest standards.

Warranty packages

“Premium Care” offers maximum protection and planning security for your device. It goes far beyond the warranty protection and also includes self-inflicted damage. So you always stay within your IT budget. “Care” extends the standard warranty by the desired period. Available in the terms 1 year, 3 years and 5 years.

Warranty packages are available from WEROCK and all participating WEROCK partners. Processing via dealers is not necessary. WEROCK remains your contact partner during the entire process, even if you did not purchase the device directly from us.

This means faster processing and significantly less downtime if something does happen. You can find further details about our warranty packages.

Your contact person

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Managing Director

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