Environmental protection

Environmental Protection


Time to make a difference!

WEROCK has set itself the goal of making a positive impact on our planet. We must stop wasting the resources of our planet, CO₂ emissions must be reduced. The issue of sustainability and environmental protection has been an integral part of the company's philosophy since its foundation.


Built to last

WEROCK products are characterized by high quality on the one hand and great functionality on the other. At the same time, all products are free from planned obsolescence. Currently, the completely conflict-free production of modern electronics is not possible. With our code of ethics we oblige not only ourselves but also our suppliers to put a special focus on sustainability and environmental protection.


Avoidance is better than compensation

Our efforts go beyond the mere compensation of CO₂ emissions: all decisions are made with a view to permanent improvement in the interests of environmental protection.



Environmental and sustainability goals are measured and transparently presented in an annual sustainability report. Ultimately, WEROCK aims to have a positive impact on nature. The aim is to keep the company's own production of CO₂ emissions as low as possible.

Partner & Certifications

In a constant effort to improve, to avoid and compensate, we work with partners and obtain certifications that ensure success.