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Reliability, performance and robustness for smooth operation

Several police officers in yellow waistcoats in rainy weather.

In the public service, reliable information and answers to questions are needed at all times. Employees often have to access a lot of data from a wide variety of places at different locations. This places high demands on the work equipment, both in terms of performance and robustness. Products from WEROCK have been specially developed for the use of everyday heroes and offer reliable performance in a robust housing.

Fields of application

Two German Police officers walking away

Police Officer

From traffic controls, criminal investigations, cybercrime to demonstrations - hardly any other profession is as versatile as that of the German police. But police officers are also increasingly experiencing hostility from other citizens. Body cams from WEROCK have a deescalating and preventive effect. They document conflict and dangerous situations with irrefutable video and audio evidence.

Traffic warden writes a parking ticket for a BMW

Parking space monitoring

The Public Order and Traffic Service at the Office of Public Order checks whether a vehicle has been parked in an irregular manner and issues a warning either orally or in writing, taking into account and weighing up all interests. WEROCK products support you in the documentation of the offence and the creation of corresponding documents directly on site.

Highway checks

The Federal Office for Goods Transport ensures safe roads. In spot checks and large-scale inspections, they inspect numerous trucks on German roads every day to ensure compliance with safety regulations, environmental protection, tax security and market regulations. The heroes of the Autobahn are confronted with many challenges in this process. They require a wide range of knowledge about goods, vehicles and documents. At the same time, they often struggle with language barriers and lack of cooperation. WEROCK products can help these heroes to document, research and communicate faster.

Asset Management

State and local authorities have to take inventory of a wide range of assets, from buildings to lanterns and street signs. Effective management of this data is always a critical challenge for public sector organisations. They need to manage equipment, machinery, vehicles and more. WEROCK tools support you both in the collection and documentation of your data and in the retrieval of the wide range of data at all locations.

Suitable products for public service

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