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Today, mobile devices are used in many industries. For example, they enable more flexible and location-independent action. Tablets and notebooks are already indispensable in retail, healthcare and logistics, and they are also becoming increasingly present in the construction industry. On the building site, paper and pencil are a thing of the past. Thanks to new technologies, “handwritten” notes can be typed in directly on site or pictures taken on the construction site can be uploaded immediately.

But computers have a hard time on the construction site. Increased exposure to dust, temperature fluctuations, humidity, dirt in the air – for normal notebooks and tablets this means a slow but certain death. On the road and especially on construction sites, the robustness and long battery life of the end devices is crucial. WEROCK products are perfectly prepared for these environments. They are fully protected against water and dust as well as shock, vibration and even falling. Large and long-lasting battery options enable completely mobile working. Data from the construction site is made available in real time with integrated broadband internet and immediately forwarded to the respective recipients. These can react promptly and, for example, provide the required material without delay.

The areas of application are manifold. Whether for checking the delivery of goods, project documentation, communication on the construction site with other craftsmen, architects, project managers or invoice departments – with solutions from WEROCK you always have the right tools that are ready for your environment. Would you also like to use a construction site tablet or notebook? Then simply contact our team of experts. We develop individual solutions depending on the area of application and the requirements for the robust device. We would be pleased to support you in your project!

Application scenarios and reports for the crafts & construction industry

Suitable products for the crafts & construction industry

Services for the crafts & construction industry

Additional services are offered either by WEROCK partners or directly by WEROCK. We work closely with customers and partners in the utilities sector, both before and after purchase as well as during product implementation and rollout of our equipment, to ensure smooth and efficient processes.

Suitable for you

We understand that no two utilities are alike. That is why we develop and design customised systems for you, together with you. Because nothing comes “off the shelf” with us, you are guaranteed to always receive the best technology available on the market. If you have special requirements that are not solved by our standard components, our employees will find the right solution or modification for you. Numerous adaptations can also be implemented in small quantities. We already offer many products with a wide range of options such as barcode scanners, smart card readers, NFC sensors or holders. Always in the shortest possible time and to the highest standards.

Warranty packages

“Premium Care” offers maximum protection and planning security for your device. It goes far beyond the warranty protection and also includes self-inflicted damage. So you can always stay within your IT budget.

“Care” extends the standard warranty by the desired period. Both warranty packages are available in the terms 1 year, 3 years and 5 years.


Warranty packages are available from WEROCK and all participating WEROCK partners. Processing via dealers is not necessary. WEROCK remains your contact partner during the entire process, even if you did not purchase the device directly from us.

This means for you that if something does happen, faster processing and significantly less downtime. You can find more details about our warranty packages.

Your contact person

Markus Nicoleit
Managing Director

Phone: +49 7231 4709405-10
E-Mail: [email protected]

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