Emergency and rescue services


Our everyday heroes for emergencies are countless employees and volunteers of emergency and rescue services. They stand up for us – at any time of the day or night, in wind and weather. This demands a great deal from them and from the equipment.

Modern technology supports these everyday heroes in their daily work. Often lightning-fast action is required. Technology must be able to keep up with this. Depending on the area of application, the devices must also be particularly robust or heat-resistant.

Unknown dangers lurk in every application
Which firefighter today already knows by heart which car, where and how many airbags are installed. Or how the wiring and battery strings of an electric car are constructed? It is essential for rescue services to have this crucial information and rescue maps at hand at all times.

Difficult communication during rescue operations
Car accidents in particular often involve a few minutes, during which the life of a patient is at stake. A telephone registration and handover discussion in the hospital cost additional time. Time which the patient may not have.

Examples of applications in the rescue service include navigating to the scene of an accident, reading in insurance data from the health card, photographic documentation of an accident site or fire scene or of documents, but also the use of digital assistants. Modern technology helps you to make an inventory of equipment, operational clothing and consumables. We know the load limits of our equipment. Talk to us, we will find the optimal solution for you.

Fields of application

Emergency services

Rescue and emergency services missions are about gaining time, gathering existing information and passing it on without loss - in short, it is literally a matter of life and death. Working efficiently and effectively on site can make all the difference. Thanks to the latest technologies, WEROCK's modern equipment optimises the operational sequence. They offer:

  • reliable communication
  • easy handling
  • high compatibility and thus enable
  • Integration into existing systems

And that's how it works: Paramedics receive the alarms on your tablet, can familiarise themselves with the situation on the way to the scene. Once the patient has received initial treatment, the hospital can be informed about the patient's symptoms during transport. This direct communication speeds up the processing and billing of patients enormously and at the same time improves the chances of treatment.

Fire Department

Rescue, extinguish, recover and protect - firefighters are called to all kinds of accidents, disasters but also natural disasters. They are often deployed under extreme conditions. Nothing must go wrong.

Not only people but also their equipment is exposed to extreme heat, dirt and water. Numerous WEROCK products are certified according to MIL-STD-810G and therefore withstand even the most adverse conditions.

And at the scene of the crisis, modern and powerful software solutions support the operations manager in optimising the processes. Commercially available laptops or tablets are often unable to cope with the prevailing conditions. With devices from WEROCK this is no longer an issue.

Civil Protection

All organisations active in civil protection have two important points in common:

  • They need reliable technology even in the worst weather and
  • reliable and smooth communication is essential

With the help of integrated mobile radio, the emergency services have access to applications, data and contact to the control centre even in the most adverse conditions. In addition, WEROCK devices are characterised by their ease of use, so that even unpopular tasks such as documentation are quickly completed.

Application scenarios and reports for Emergency and Rescue Services

Suitable products for Emergency and Rescue Services

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