The true heroes of everyday life are often invisible – they bring us the packages, fix our broken heater or save our lives once we are sick. But a true hero can only be successful if he is properly equipped.

WEROCK Company Profile

As an innovative provider of industrial IT solutions, we supply a wide range of industries with industrial PCs, panel PCs, industrial displays, industrial tablets, video and communication solutions. Our core markets include industrial manufacturing, automotive, utilities, emergency and rescue services, and public services. Our solutions enable everyday heroes to work quickly and efficiently, even in the most challenging conditions. They are the tool of choice when traditional systems fail or are not reliable enough.

We make your business productive and fit for the future. We empower heroes.

Company goals

Our mission is to become the first leading industrial computer manufacturer that leads the way in innovation and environmental protection. To achieve this, we develop and sell high-quality, robust and reliable products at fair prices. As a company, our greenhouse gas balance at the end of the year is positive – we avoid emissions wherever possible. Emissions that cannot be avoided are compensated.


Being successful together is part of our shared values and corporate culture. Our values have been firmly anchored in our corporate culture since the company was founded. At WEROCK, all employees share these fundamental corporate values. They form the roots of our corporate culture. They are the basis for working with you, cooperation partners and suppliers. Our values reflect that we also promote ethically responsible behavior in our company beyond legal requirements and regulations. The behavioral guidelines for employees of WEROCK Technologies GmbH are a balancing act of ethically correct behavior, environmental awareness and economic interests. We try to consider all these aspects in our decisions and therefore also justify them in detail in individual cases. At the same time, we are aware that there might be better options or that there will be in the future. Therefore, the set of rules is not set in stone.

Environmental protection

We strive to have a positive impact on our environment with our products and services so that our planet remains livable for future generations. Climate-neutral production of computers is currently not possible. Their impact is compensated for elsewhere. Ultimately, it’s a matter of making the most environmentally friendly decision in each case. At the same time, we are working every day to reduce our environmental footprint. For more information, please visit our environmental protection page.

Contact details

WEROCK Technologies GmbH
Kallhardtstr. 20
75173 Pforzheim
Telephone: +49 7231 4709 405-10
Visits on site by arrangement.

Private label WEROCK

Under the brand WEROCK we offer industrial panel PCs, tablets, notebooks, bodycams and more. Information about all our products can be found on our products website. All products are specially designed to protect against drops, bumps, splashes, vibrations and more. Our product lines currently include the following series, with more series currently in development:



Markus Nicoleit


Founder and CEO of WEROCK Technologies GmbH.


Manuel Lausch

Technical Advisor


Karin Jelitto


Every spelling mistake you find on our website, she missed.


David Skiba

Business Development



Feelgood Manager

As well as numerous other hard-working heroes in the background, and at our production partners at home and abroad.


With great effort WEROCK sets the highest standards in the development and manufacture of its products. The result is products with innovative features and high performance, coupled with exceptional stability and reliability. WEROCK products must pass numerous tests to ensure maximum reliability and fail-safe performance.

Production sites

Our products are manufactured by high-performance, long-term production partners around the world, including the world’s IT hotspots: Shenzhen and Taipei. The choice of partners there has not only economic but also ecological reasons – most computer components already come from these regions anyway. Shipping the individual components from numerous different suppliers to Germany and assembling them on site would not only significantly increase the selling price, but also the environmental impact. At the same time, our suppliers are far more than simply our “extended workbench”. We maintain a continuous exchange – often beyond business – with our production partners and take their needs just as seriously as those of our customers.


Our products are designed for industrial suitability and meet all requirements. WEROCK was founded on the experience of numerous industrial projects with customers from the automotive industry, manufacturing industry, chemical industry, food industry and transport and logistics. Thus, we can look back on numerous successful projects with small, medium and large companies. You can see a selection of them from current and past companies here. Soon also with your logo?

Media coverage

We are pleased that numerous media have already reported on WEROCK, our products and our philosophy both at home and abroad.


An overview of the milestones achieved by WEROCK Technologies GmbH.

03/2021 Product Release
Scoria A100 Series

Our new Scoria A100 handheld mobile computers have been released.

02/2021 Product Release
Rocktab U200 Serie

We present a completely new series of high-end rugged tablets for industrial use.

01/2021 Cooperation
TSC & Printronix

WEROCK becomes sales partner of the Taiwanese printer manufacturer TSC as well as Printronix Auto ID.

Q4/2020 Product Release
Expanding Product Portfolio & New Partners

Release of the Impakt DEMS video management software for our Bodycam Portfolio. Also we released our first computers the Rockbook X550 Rugged Notebook and the Rocktab L110 Rugged Tablet. WEROCK products are now available at first resellers.

Q3/2020 Launch
Foundation & Launch

Foundation of WEROCK Technologies GmbH, registration with all authorities and registration of the WEROCK brand. Official launch of the company and presentation of the first product "Impakt BC200" (a bodycam for use in police departments) in September 2020.

"Birth" of the business idea


For the best product quality, compliance with legal requirements, high quality of service, the best user experience and to meet the highest standards, we work with numerous partners. You can find our distribution partners on the corresponding page “Where to buy“.