The real heroes in everyday life are often invisible – they bring us the parcels, repair our defective heating, or save our lives if we are ever ill. But a true hero can only be successful if he is properly equipped.

WEROCK’s professional computer systems enable everyday heroes to work quickly and efficiently even under the most difficult conditions. They are the tool of choice where conventional systems fail or are not reliable enough.

We strive to make a positive impact on our environment with our products and services so that our planet remains worth living for future generations. At present, a climate-neutral production of computers is not possible. Their effects are compensated for elsewhere. The ultimate goal here is to make the most environmentally friendly decision in each case. At the same time, we work every day to reduce our ecological footprint.

Our mission is to become the first leading industrial computer manufacturer to lead the way in innovation and environmental protection.

We empower around the globe.

Our Values

Our values have been firmly anchored in our corporate culture since our foundation. At WEROCK, all employees share these fundamental corporate values. They form the roots of our corporate culture. They are the basis for the cooperation with you, cooperation partners and suppliers. Our values reflect the fact that we promote ethically responsible behaviour in our company, even beyond legal requirements and regulations.







Excellence in development and manufacturing​

With great effort WEROCK sets the highest standards in the development and production of its products. The results are products with innovative features and high performance, coupled with exceptional stability and reliability. WEROCK products must pass numerous tests to ensure maximum reliability and fail-safe operation.

Stable and robust

WEROCK products are designed to meet all requirements in harsh environments. Our mobile devices are small and light, making them easy to use and transport. At the same time, the products are extremely robustly built and often tested to MIL-STD-810G or 810H. They can withstand falls from up to 2 meters onto concrete and are water- and dustproof up to IP68.


Sustainability also means efficient energy management. WEROCK products are energy-saving and function over a wide temperature range. Battery-powered products are designed for operating times of over 8 hours.

Excellent visibility

At WEROCK we pay attention to the best visibility. Our products have state-of-the-art display technologies that remain readable in all environments. They are high-resolution, high-contrast, and bright. For particularly challenging environments and direct sunlight, many models have special high-brightness configurations.

A wide range of options

Whether NFC, RFID, LTE connectivity, large storage, or integrated encryption - WEROCK products are optimally prepared for their intended use. Most products can be individually adapted to your needs.

Industrial design

WEROCK's products are ergonomically designed for comfortable and quick use. WEROCK offers devices for mobile use, desktop use, wall and cabinet installation, and rack mounting for the different application scenarios.

Powerful production partners

No costs are spared for the highest quality standards. WEROCK's production partners are highly efficient and offer a high level of quality control. They are regularly certified according to ISO9001 in order to continuously produce good products. All products undergo extensive quality controls, burn-in tests, and aging during the production process. Before shipping to the customer, all products undergo additional inspection. We ourselves also work according to the regulations of ISO9001 and ISO27001 for constant control and improvement of our quality.

Customized devices

In addition to the normal product portfolio, WEROCK also offers fully customized devices. We can offer our customers professional, tailor-made solutions to help them solve various special problems. We work closely with an effective combination of partners and suppliers to create your perfect solution.

Management Board

“We want to make the world a better place – by providing our everyday heroes with modern and powerful technology and by compensating for the negative effects of these products on the environment. I am convinced that economy and ecology are not contradictory. That this is not contradictory is demonstrated by companies like Shiftphone or Fairphone, which have been successfully positioning themselves in the market for years.”

Markus Nicoleit
Markus Nicoleit
Founder and CEO of WEROCK Technologies

Company headquarters

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