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With the increasing spread of digital technologies, industry and production are undergoing global change. International mega-trends such as Industry 4.0, IoT and Smart Factory are transforming the IT and software landscape at a breathtaking pace, giving corresponding market segments a strong growth dynamic. In order to remain competitive, operational processes in the manufacturing industry must be lean and efficient. Nevertheless, product quality and accuracy must not suffer. At the same time, Industrie 4.0 offers the industrial automation sector a perfect stage for positioning itself as a highly innovative problem solver. Industrial companies and the manufacturing sector in particular can thus successfully meet new challenges and profit sustainably from networking.

WEROCK is an expert for the computer technology required for this. The harsh environment in manufacturing represents a major challenge for conventional computers. We know the requirements of the industry: PCs, mobile computers and control computers must withstand dust, splash water, oil, etc. in harsh industrial environments. In warehouses, temperatures often fluctuate greatly and even a fall from a desk, for example, does not affect a “normal” tablet too often. They have to integrate easily into networked automation topologies and ensure that production processes are quickly synchronised without interruptions.

Solutions from WEROCK are designed and tested precisely for these applications. Through our experience and expertise in the field of industrial IT, WEROCK solutions offer unique advantages to the industry and help our customers to streamline their work processes and increase their performance. Equip your employees with flexible, efficient equipment from WEROCK that maximises productivity. To find out more about our products and how our industrial solutions can benefit your business, contact WEROCK or your system partner today.

Fields of application

Industrial robotics and system control

With the rapid development of Industry 4.0, new industrial automation technologies for industrial control are transforming traditional factories into intelligent ones. By integrating robots, manufacturing processes can be carried out faster and more efficiently, reducing both costs and errors. The use of WEROCK solutions allows processes to be automated, resulting in leaner operations. The core element is the networking with more and more sensors and mobile IoT technologies, which can record large, complex data volumes in real time and transfer them between systems.

Whether as HMI (Human Machine Interface) or mobile via tablets, our robust computer solutions offer the ideal platform for industrial programming and robot control in production.

Plant and machine maintenance

Increasing production availability is one of the key challenges in manufacturing environments. Modern readout of machine data and predictive maintenance avoid unexpected disturbances or machine downtime. With predictive maintenance software that can be installed on WEROCK devices, it is possible to detect machine faults at an early stage, increase availability and reduce the cost of materials and spare parts for repairs. Perform safety inspections, update checklists, take photos and send digital reports directly to a device without having to document it on paper. Performance and service life can also be optimised through more effective machine readout. The maintenance process becomes more efficient and repair interruptions are reduced. With WEROCK solutions, predictive maintenance of production equipment becomes a breeze, as service technicians benefit from the interface and configuration variety for connecting to the equipment to be maintained.

Production monitoring

Now, quality managers, production planners, logisticians and work planners can simply take their office with them into production. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Shop Floor Management Systems (SFMS) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), also known as production control systems, improve efficiency and traceability right back to the factory. Robust solutions from WEROCK provide you with all the interfaces and performance needed to control the applications and systems.

Work aid and documentation

In order to comply with legal standards and ensure a high level of occupational health and safety, experts often have to go through safety checklists and testing manuals. Compliance with laws, standards, trade union agreements and other regulations is easier with a digital mobile management solution. The powerful WEROCK terminals replace paper and pen, reducing handwritten data errors and giving your employees immediate access to planning, organisation, order and routing data.

Labelling, inventory and warehouse management

The areas of application for Auto-ID technologies in production are diverse and today it is hard to imagine life without them. WEROCK solutions are perfectly prepared for seamless integration into leading inventory management, ERP and WMS software. They have both the computing power and the robustness you need to work in a relaxed manner. They enable companies to track parts and products throughout the manufacturing process, enabling them to produce high quality goods on time. Whether it's receiving, transporting, ordering or shipping goods, WEROCK enables more accurate order picking, shorter pickup and delivery times, and seamless inventory determination and replenishment. Benefit from many years of expertise in data collection, scanning, printing, RFID and high-quality WLAN technology for uninterrupted communication.

Management, planning and communication by and with personnel

Effective workforce management and planning is the linchpin of efficient manufacturing processes. With solutions for workforce management or personnel deployment planning (PEP), you benefit from improved team management to optimise the deployment of personnel. With overtime alerts and other features, you can ensure that employees are deployed where they are needed most. Connectivity is critical for remote employee access. With dedicated 4G and IEEE 802.11ac WLAN options, your employees stay connected to the corporate system in real time.

Application scenarios and reports for industrial production industry

Suitable products for industrial production industry

Services for manufacturing industry

Additional services are offered either by WEROCK partners or directly by WEROCK. We work closely with customers and partners from the industry both before and after purchase as well as during product implementation and rollout of our equipment to ensure smooth and efficient processes.

Suitable for you

We understand that no two industries are alike. That is why we develop and design customised systems for you, together with you. Because nothing comes “off the shelf” with us, you are guaranteed to always receive the best technology available on the market. If you have special requirements that are not solved by our standard components, our employees will find the right solution or modification for you. Numerous adaptations can also be implemented even in small quantities. We already offer many products with a wide range of options such as barcode scanners, smart card readers, NFC sensors or brackets. Always in the shortest possible time and to the highest standards.

Maximum productivity through seamless integration

Some WEROCK devices offer terminal emulation (TE) for connections to host systems with 5250, 3270, VT and HP emulations, as well as an industrial browser for modern applications with web server-based applications. The SAP S/4HANA-certified solution offers multi-vendor support for connecting mobile devices and enterprise systems.

Warranty packages

“Premium Care” offers maximum protection and planning security for your device. It goes far beyond the warranty protection and also includes self-inflicted damage. So you always stay within your IT budget. “Care” extends the standard warranty by the desired period. Available in the terms 1 year, 3 years and 5 years.

Warranty packages are available from WEROCK and all participating WEROCK partners. Processing via dealers is not necessary. WEROCK remains your contact partner during the entire process, even if you did not purchase the device directly from us.

This means faster processing and significantly less downtime if something does happen. You can find further details about our warranty packages.


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