Drone Controller Chest Pack for DJI Cendence

Bracket for professional drone controllers
Order Code: ACC-RT-XG131

The Drone Controller Chest Pack is designed to provide comfortable and ergonomic support for drone pilots.

Increase your productivity! With the Drone Controller Chest Pack you have both hands free during drone flight and your controller is still close to your body. With numerous expansion options, you will also have your additional field equipment safely stowed away and at hand at the same time.

The drone controller is held by the super-comfortable Comox Harness, to which additional work tools can also be attached. The holder as well as the hinges are flexibly adjustable so that you can set the pack to a position that is comfortable and ergonomic for you. An ideal system for inspections, filming, emergency operations and all other drone flights where the focus is on live video transmission.

Currently, the Drone Controller Chest Pack is available in four different variants for the following DJI controllers:

  • DJI Matrice 300 Controller
  • DJI Cendence Controller
  • DJI Smart Controller
  • DJI Phantom/Inspire Controller

Further variants are conceivable and can be realised on request even for small minimum order quantities.

The basis of the Drone Controller Chest Pack is the Comox Harness, which offers you perfect adaptability for your everyday life, no matter what it looks like. It uses a MOLLE compatible system (modular lightweight load carrier system) to attach bags, holsters and backpacks to the Harness. The Comox Harness is designed to be comfortable to wear for a full day’s work. This is because it is made of mesh with three rows of high-density foam. This ensures that the harness is well ventilated and remains comfortable in all conditions.


  • Professional drone controller carrying solution for the work environment
  • Increases productivity
  • Different versions available for market-leading drones
  • Increases safety: keep your hands free when walking in difficult terrain
  • Superior ergonomics: Suitable for all body sizes
  • Super comfortable: Mesh harness is well ventilated and multi-adjustable.
  • Field equipment within easy reach
  • Compatible with backpacks: Comfortable to wear under your backpack
  • Adaptable to your needs: the harness is expandable with accessories such as a radio holster, a bottle holster or a utility pouch!

Use in the utility sector

Professional equipment is essential for inspections. For energy and utility companies, regular inspections as well as timely maintenance of power lines, wind turbines and PV systems are crucial to limit costs and restore power quickly. Modern grid operators are already relying on efficient inspection with drones here. The use of drones not only significantly reduces inspection costs, but also the safety risks for your employees. With the drone controller Chest Pack, your pilot always has everything he needs at hand and still has his hands free. The Comox Harness can be optimally adapted and expanded to meet the needs of the utility sector.

Use in agriculture and forestry

Whether it is game detection and game damage documentation, land surveying, biomass determination, fertiliser optimisation or recording of growth and crown condition – the possible uses of drones in agriculture and forestry are incredibly broad. Aerial photographs taken by aeroplane, helicopter or satellite have been used for forest inventories for decades. The use of drones reduces costs and increases efficiency at the same time. The use of a drone controller chest pack allows the pilot to work fatigue-free even over hours, because he does not have to hold the controller in his hand all the time. At the same time, not only the controller, but also other equipment such as radios, spray cans, etc. have a safe place, which offers enormous support, especially in rough terrain, but also protection for the expensive equipment.

Use for video productions

And action! Drone filming has long since replaced elaborate video production from a helicopter. It is more flexible and much less expensive. So it’s no wonder that numerous television stations and film production teams rely on professional drones. For long days of filming, the drone controller Chest Pack is recommended for the drone pilot. It ensures that the controller is held comfortably. The arms are not strained, no matter how long the shooting day lasts. At the same time, other equipment and accessories such as memory cards, spare batteries, etc. can be attached to the Comox Harness.

Use in rescue missions

Operations in which a person is missing in the water or in impassable terrain in an unclear position pose great challenges for rescue forces. These scenarios always involve a large number of forces and resources with search chains, boats or helicopters in action. To better cope with such situations, drones are increasingly being used to search for persons. Thanks to the aerial images, large areas can be searched within a short time. But drones can also be a valuable aid in the case of damaged or collapsed buildings, because they can safely enter areas where access remains blocked for humans. The use of a drone controller chest pack allows the pilot to work for hours without tiring, because he does not have to hold the controller in his hand all the time. This also leaves one hand free at all times, for example for a radio to communicate with the other rescue forces.


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