Scoria M240 Pistol Grip Holster with Belt Clip

Order Code: ACC-M240-HLS4

The Scoria M240 Pistol Grip Holster is specifically designed to protect and easily handle your handheld PDA. With its outstanding features, this premium synthetic holster is a must-have for anyone who wants to carry their PDA safely and comfortably.

The ruggedness of the Scoria M240 Holster ensures reliable protection of your handheld PDA from bumps, scratches, and other daily wear and tear, while safely stowing your device when not in use.

The Scoria M240 Holster’s convenient belt clip allows for flexible removal of the holster when not in use. Attached to your belt, you’ll always have your PDA at hand while your hands remain free to perform other tasks.
The Scoria M240 Holster also features two D-rings that give you additional attachment options.

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