The Rocktab Kickstand is an optional accessory for the Rocktab L210, Rocktab U210 and Rocktab U210 Pro tablets that gives you flexible positioning of the tablet. With the kickstand, you can conveniently place the tablet at different angles for an optimal working angle. The stand can also be used as a carrying handle for the tablet, which is especially convenient when you are on the go.
The Rocktab Kickstand is quick and easy to attach or detach, so you can use the tablet without the stand if needed. The kickstand is rugged and durable, providing a stable base for your tablet. This allows you to use the tablet safely and comfortably without having to hold it in your hand all the time.
If you want to get the most out of your Rocktab tablet, the Rocktab Kickstand is the perfect accessory for you. With its flexible positioning, convenient carrying handle, and quick disassembly, it’s an essential accessory for anyone who likes to use their tablet on the go or at home.
• Optimal flashing angle – Stepless adjustment of the angle
• Can be used as a carrying handle
• Can be quickly disassembled
• Base compatible with Quickaccess mount
• ACC-RT-MNT6: Rocktab kickstand for U210
• ACC-RT-MNT8: Rocktab kickstand for L210
• ACC-RT-MNT9: Rocktab kickstand for U210 Pro

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