Toughtray Notebook holder

Order Code: ACC-RB-MNT19

The Toughtray Universal Mount is great for countless mounting solutions in airplanes, automobiles, trucks, boats and more. Securely mount your Rockbook X550 or other notebook in your vehicles. A variety of mounting options are available for a wide range of vehicle types. Contact us for the perfect solution. Customization with a variety of side clips allows you to mount a wide range of tablet PCs and notebooks. The rear side is prepared to accept a round base plate.

Mounting bracket: C-ball base plate

Tough tray dimensions: Tray depth: 25.4 cm, tray thickness: 5.4 cm, tray width: 25.4 to 40.6 cm, side clamps clamp height: 1.27 to max. 4.4 cm
Included in delivery: Laptop tray, 4 pieces arms, screw/nut set. Note: pictured equipment is not included!

Complete vehicle kits available on request.

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