Universal Tablet Wall Mount for 10 – 12 inch tablets

Order Code: ACC-GEN-R053

Universal tablet mount with retaining clips for easy removal of the tablet. For optimal positioning of the tablet, the back includes various docking points for round AMPS base plates.


  • Spring supported retaining handles ensure perfect fit of the tablet
  • Rubber fingers provide a stable hold for the tablet
  • Various docking points on the back allow for optimal positioning
  • Easy access handles on the back allow for easy removal of the tablets
  • Additional retaining clips for the underside of the holding tray
  • Full access to all tablet ports

Technical specifications

  • Minimum tablet dimensions (H x W x D): 184.15 mm x 200 mm x 10 mm
  • Maximum tablet dimensions (H x W x D): 222.25 mm x 260.35 mm / unlimited (without additional retaining clips) x 22.23 mm
  • Mounting: AMPS
  • Material: powder coated aluminum, stainless steel components, high strength composite, rubber fingers
  • Color: black

Suitable WEROCK models:

  • Rocktab S510
  • Rocktab S512
  • Rocktab U210
  • Rocktab U214


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