Universal industrial battery charging cabinet

Order Code: ACC-GEN-P003

Mobile electronic devices are used in practically every company. Safe storage of expensive electronic devices has always been an issue, but nowadays a fast charging process for the almost empty battery is additionally important to make the devices operational again – because time is money.

This universal industrial battery charging cabinet is the smart solution for charging your tablets, laptops, MDE devices and tools. It not only ensures safe storage of your work equipment, but also enables simultaneous charging with cable openings for protected and orderly cable routing. the charging cabinet scores with exemplary cable management.

The charging cabinet is available in two different main configurations and three sizes:

Configuration with hinged doors

The battery charging cabinet with lockable hinged doors is ideally suited for the central supply with charging possibility for battery tools from the industrial and craftsman’s everyday life, as well as for the charging of notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

The choice of cabinet accessories and partitioning material as well as electrification makes this cabinet system universally applicable and can be customized to your specific requirements with adjustable shelves, partitions, drawers and pull-out shelves, power strips, electric fans, RCD – residual current circuit breaker & LS – miniature circuit breaker.

Configuration with compartments

If the storage of battery-operated devices is not to be centralized, but rather personalized, a battery charging cabinet with individually lockable compartments is the optimal choice. In this way, everyone has their equipment under lock and key, while the built-in sockets charge the batteries. This is a popular model for businesses as well as for schools, universities or public buildings. Due to the system design, the number of compartments is almost unlimited.

The design of the compartments battery charging cabinets goes from sockets, network sockets RJ45 to USB interfaces.

Available sizes

  • Size 1: 195 x 70 x 50 cm
  • Size 2: 195 x 100 x 50 cm
  • Size 3: 195 x 125 x 50 cm


  • Body in high-quality sheet steel design, powder-coated
  • Lockable against unauthorized access
  • Central power supply
  • Cooling and fresh air supply through ventilation holes
  • Perfect cable routing – protected & organized
  • Standard locking by means of cylinder locks (other locks optionally available)
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