Rocktab U210 Anti-reflective screen protector

Order Code: ACC-U210-PRT1

Efficient reduction of reflections and simultaneous protection of the display for your tablet, handheld or notebook.

Exceedingly elastic – Protects against impacts, enormously scratch-resistant display protection for screens of all types with 0.13 mm thickness, Resistant to many acids, alkalis, disinfectants and oils. Temperature resistant up to 130 °C. Optimized for use with touch screens. Removable without residue.

Available for all WEROCK devices, and on request also for products from 4Logistic, ACD, Acer, ACL, Acturion, Adlink, ads-tec, Advantech, AIT, Apple, Bressner, Casio, CAT, CipherLab, Datalogic, Dell, Denso, Durabook, Fairphone, Forsis, Getac, Honeywell, ICO, JLT, M3 Mobile, Newland, Nordic ID, Panasonic, proLogistik, Samsung, Zebra and many others.

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