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The handheld mobile computers of the Scoria series from WEROCK convince with a robust construction paired with a compact design. They offer you the professional functions that are necessary for efficient work.

Ready to Rock

Scoria A105 Rugged Handheld view from front

Especially in the industrial environment you must be able to rely on your hardware. WEROCK handhelds were specially developed for the requirements of a rough working environment. The rugged small computers are specially protected against drops, impacts, water, vibrations and extreme temperatures. These special features have been certified by independent test labs to industry and military standards. A tailored range of accessories further supports you in achieving maximum productivity with your Scoria.

Scoria Series Features

Powerful data acquisition

For fast and error-free data capture, employees need powerful data capture hardware. In partnership with industry-leading manufacturers, Scoria Series models feature only the most powerful 2D barcode scanners available in their class.

Modern architecture

Scoria Series devices rely on powerful and advanced architectures because we know - supply chain workers don't have time to wait for IT. The advanced architectures enable multitasking for all your applications - no matter what industry you are in.

Protected from water and dust

Scoria devices are fully protected from water and dust with an ingress protection rating of IP65 or better. The first digit represents dust protection, with 6 representing the highest protection, and the second digit represents protection against water. 5 means protection against water jets from all directions. A Scroia handheld is built for harsh environments, you can always use it in the rain.

User friendly ergonomics

We know that handheld devices are used intensively by their users. High ergonomics is therefore very important. Despite their robust properties, Scoria handhelds have a compact design that has been specially developed for the application purpose. A wide range of accessories is also available for smooth integration into everyday work.

Modern operating concepts

The operation of a handheld is an essential ergonomic component. Developed for use in industrial environments, the rugged devices of the Scoria series offer excellent displays that are high-contrast and very bright. All devices have modern, gesture-compatible touchscreens that enable smartphone-like operation.

Perfect connectivity in all situations

Scoria handhelds are workhorses. Equipped with powerful antennas and WLAN modules, you stay perfectly connected even in industrial environments. If your workplace is off-site, the integrated 4G LTE keeps you connected without interruption. In addition, the built-in GPS provides accurate position tracking and geographic overviews. Most models in the series can also be used as a cell phone. Perfect for field service.

Request a quotation

Request your individual offer for your Scoria handheld now. If you are not yet sure which handheld best suits your requirements, please contact us by e-mail, chat or give us a call.

Overview of all Scoria models

Scoria A104

Rugged Handheld Mobile Computer

Scoria A104 Rugged Handheld view from front

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Scoria A105

Rugged Handheld Mobile Computer

Scoria A105 Rugged Handheld view from front

Learn more about the Scoria A105

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