Industrial solar headset for more productivity in your operation

In warehousing and retailing, flawless communication is essential communication is essential for a smooth workflow. The same the same applies to the transport and logistics sector, where the quality of the communication communication equipment has a direct impact on the work result.

New in our accessories catalog is the MC1-EcoPro Bluetooth headset for industrial use. With state-of-the-art voice-directed technology, noise reduction of more than 96% and infinite battery battery life, it allows safe, precise and comfortable work. work. Whether picking, load building or during goods receipt and dispatch and shipping – with voice-controlled headsets, you can optimize the processes in your company in the long term. But the real revolutionary feature of this headset is integrated solar technology for charging in ambient and direct light. light. Because in the headband is an integrated special solar foil (Powerfoyle from Exeger). This charges the headset in all environments and provides for unlimited runtime. The way Powerfoyle™ works is based on natural photosynthesis. natural photosynthesis, which converts light into energy. The Special: This works with natural and artificial light, so that the lighting of your lighting of your halls serves as the energy source for the Bluetooth headset. For communication with a positive impact on the eco-balance of your company. eco-balance of your company.

Durable headsets with Bluetooth for use in transportation, logistics and Warehouse

The technological infrastructure in a modern warehouse offers perfect basic conditions for integrating new communication channels. integrated.

The position and coordinating work processes – continuous communication within your communication within your workforce is essential. All the more All the better if the wireless headset is functional and comfortable at the same time. The extra-wide band of the Trident ModCom One EcoPro Solar not only offers enough space for the solar enough space for the solar foil. It also ensures maximum wearing comfort for several hours. for several hours. This increases the motivation of your employees employees during long work shifts. Thanks to the integrated solar technology you can use the headphones including microphone indefinitely – no need to change batteries, no charging at a separate station. Just as limitless as the the environments in which you can use the Bluetooth headset are just as can be used. It can withstand temperature fluctuations from -20° C to 50° C undamaged and remains intact even when immersed in water (up to one meter) thanks to the increased IP67 protection class. (up to one meter). The best prerequisites for use in demanding fields of activity.

Industrial grade headsets as a success factor in manufacturing and trade

Strong temperature fluctuations and noise from machinery and equipment – two of the many challenges faced by communication devices in retail and production production. The MC1-Eco Pro headset has been specifically designed to meet the increased requirements of these work environments and is the ideal companion to our rugged companion to our rugged mobile data collection devices and tablets. At and retail distribution, it can withstand temperatures as low as -20° C. temperatures as low as -20° C. On the shop floor, the noise-canceling microphone and speaker output with more than 95 decibels for crystal-clear audio reproduction. audio reproduction. With the help of high-quality speech recognition more accurately. In addition, the safety at work in your company increases: The headsets can be adjusted to fit the circumference of your head, so they won’t slip out of place. slip out of place. Your employees have their hands free and can carry out their tasks can carry out their tasks without interference.

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