Rockscan W100 ring scanner kit

Wearable Barcode scanner with Bluetooth

Portable barcode scanner with matching ring finger base and Bluetooth for fast, accurate and hands-free scanning. Innovative design, flexible carrying options and an industry-leading battery life of approx. 5,000 scans per charge increase efficiency in industry, logistics and retail.

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Employees in industry, logistics and retail have to scan many barcodes every day. In these industries, it is important to work quickly, accurately and efficiently to ensure productivity and customer satisfaction. The Rockscan W100 handheld barcode scanner with matching ring finger base sets new standards for efficient and flexible scanning.

Traditional barcode scanners require employees to hold and operate the devices, which can lead to an inefficient workflow. The Rockscan W100 ring scanner kit solves these problems. In a world where time saving and accuracy are critical, this innovative device offers a solution to the challenges of the traditional barcode scanning process.

Scanning without limits

The ergonomic design of the Rockscan W100 ring scanner kit offers comfort and flexibility. The kit is ideal for short-term, high-volume scanning or wherever a scanner is occasionally needed but hands must be free. For example in retail or goods receiving. The wireless connection of the Rockscan W100 and the matching ring finger base ensure maximum freedom of movement. Coupled with innovative functions, it saves a significant amount of time and drastically reduces the error rate. Communication with a computer, tablet or mobile data capture device is straightforward via Bluetooth. It gives you intuitive feedback through acoustic, haptic and visual signals, signalling the successful scanning process

Operating and wearing comfort for all

The combination of the Rockscan W100 with the ring finger base provides the perfect combination of durability and ergonomic design for optimum functionality and ease of use for your employees. The ring size can be individually and conveniently adjusted using the Velcro fastener. Ideal for occasional use in areas with high scanning volumes or when the scanner needs to be put on and taken off quickly. Equipped with high-quality buttons that are designed for up to 3 million operations. This guarantees long-term reliability in continuous use.

Industry-leading barcode scanners

Data is captured using high-end sensors that capture all common 1D and 2D barcodes quickly and reliably. In addition to high ergonomics and performance, the Rockscan W100 also offers durability and robustness. With IP65 protection, the scanner is protected against water and dust and can withstand drops from up to 1.5 m onto concrete and more than 2,000 drops from a height of 1.2 m. It therefore far exceeds the requirements of the MIL-STD-810G military standard. With 5,000 scans per charge, the Rockscan W100 is an ideal companion for the whole day. If this is not enough, the battery can be replaced in just a few seconds.


Reduce costs, speed up processes

Save time, money and nerves. Choose the portable barcode scanner Rockscan W100 ring scanner kit and speed up the scanning processes of your employees, reduce the error rate and increase efficiency – you benefit from a fast return on investment and high added value for your company.

Ready for harsh environments

  • Retail: Receiving, inventory tracking and point-of-sale transactions where fixed in-counter scanners are not practical (e.g. DIY stores)‘
  • Transport & logistics: parcel tracking and warehouse management
  • Warehousing & distribution: warehouse management, goods receiving, picking, retrieval, sorting, loading
  • Manufacturing: Inventory management, stock replenishment, parts and finished goods tracking, sorting, assembly, finished goods inspection


  • Worfklow booster: Enables simple and fast scanning
  • 5000 scans per battery charge
  • Quick-change battery with high capacity
  • Best-in-class scanning performance – scanning range up to 14m
  • Ergonomics: free hands for comfort and flexibility
  • Fast return on investment thanks to considerable time savings
  • Drastic reduction in error rates thanks to intuitive feedback
  • Wireless connection for optimum freedom of movement.
  • Significant acceleration of scanning processes
  • Particularly rugged: withstands 1.5 m drops onto concrete and >2000 drops from a height of 1.2 m
  • Exceeds shock, vibration and drop resistance according to MIL-STD-810G
  • Ideal for harsh environments as it is waterproof and dustproof to IP65 Innovative accessories
  • Scan feedback: acoustic, haptic and visual
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices with Bluetooth 4.2 and higher
  • NFC Tap to Pair

Technical Specifications

Wireless communication
Supports Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2
Bluetooth HID, SPP, BLE
Wireless range
Free field: 50 m** Indoor range: 25 m**
NFC, Tap to pair
Supported barcodes
Code39, Code128, Codabar, Code11, UPC/EAN, 2of5, Databar, Code 93, MSI, UK Plessy, Telepen, Postal Codes
PDF417, Micro PDF, Composite, TLC-39, Aztec, Data Matrix, QR, Maxicode, Han Xin, Grid Matrix, Dotcode²
Electrical properties
Replaceable 3.7 V / 550 mAh (2 Wh) lithium-ion battery
Charging time
2 hours
Input voltage
5 V DC / 2 A (max), typ. 300mA
Operating time
Approx. 5,000 scans depending on application and ambient conditions; >30 days standby
System features
Operating modes
Bluetooth (standard), offline mode*, RS232 mode*, USB keyboard*
Supported systems
Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows
Scan modes
Standard, Presentation, Auto Aim
Physical features
Polycarbonate housing with overmolding (PC+TPU)
57 x 42 x 24 mm
45 g
Up to 80 dBA @ 10 cm
Scan triggering
Capacitive trigger button, as well as trigger via optional accessories
Environmental conditions
Drop resistance
200 drops from 1.5 m height
IP65 Dust and waterproof
Operating temperature
-5° C – +50° C
Storage temperature
-20° C – +60° C
95%, non condensing
Scanner features
Image resolution
1280 x 960
1280 x 960
2688 x 1520
Max. Field of view
H:44,5°, V: 33,5°
H:31°, V: 23°
H:37°, V: 21°
Roll tolerance
Tilt tolerance
Swivel tolerance
Ambient light
107.639 Lux max.
96.900 Lux max.
107.639 Lux max.
Aiming element
Green Laser 520 nm
Red Laser 655 nm
Green Laser 520 nm
1 x LED in warm white
2 x LEDs in warm white
2 x LEDs in warm white

* = Optional ** = Under laboratory conditions ² = MR/LR variants only ³ = Restricted field of vision


The production of electronic devices unavoidably causes greenhouse gas emissions along the process chain. During the production and transport of the Rockscan W100, all unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions are offset so that you receive a climate-neutral product. In addition, like all WEROCK devices, the Rockscan W100 is designed for durability. The extended lifetime minimizes the need to buy new devices and further reduces the environmental impact.

The production of the Rockscan W100 causes 16 kg of CO2e emissions.

These non-avoidable emissions are fully and generously offset by Gold Standard projects.





W100-X0B030XRockscan W100, BT, Standard Range
W100-X0B070XRockscan W100, BT, HD
W100-X0B080XRockscan W100, BT, Extended Range
ACC-W100-MG01ARockscan W100 glove, right hand, size S
ACC-W100-MG01BRockscan W100 glove, right hand, size M
ACC-W100-MG01CRockscan W100 glove, right hand, size L
ACC-W100-MS01ARockscan W100 glove, left hand, size S
SRV-W100-C3NXRockscan W100 warranty extension 3 years
SRV-W100-P3NXRockscan W100 Premium Care Support 3 years
SRV-W100-W3NXRockscan W100 Warranty Plus Support 3 years
ACC-W100-MS01BRockscan W100 Glove, left hand, size M
ACC-W100-BTRYRockscan W100 replacement battery
ACC-W100-MS01CRockscan W100 glove, left hand, size L
ACC-W100-DCC1Rockscan W100 DC connector
ACC-W100-RINGRockscan W100 ring scanner base
ACC-W100-BFP1BFP1 Bluetooth Charger
ACC-W100-BFP2BFP2 Charger

Is the desired configuration not listed? This list is exemplary and shows different configuration possibilities. There may be other configurations available or some of the configurations listed here may require a minimum purchase quantity. Contact us with your individual requirements.

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