Rocktool PT200

Mobile workstation with independent power supply for flexible working anywhere
Mobile workstation with independent power supply for flexible working anywhere
Order Code: PT200

Rocktool PT200

Mobile workstation with independent power supply for flexible working anywhere

Simply take your desk with you! The Rocktool PT200 allows you to work flexibly at any desired location. Thanks to the modular design, each model can be adapted to any individual work application.

The Power to Rock - Efficient and location-independent working

The Rocktool PT200 mobile logistic workstation has a self-contained power supply for flexible working without long distances. The smooth-running castors with parking brake make it quick and easy to move the mobile workstation to any location. This means you always have everything you need to work with you, without the hassle of walking back and forth. Shorter walking distances not only save your feet, but also result in a more efficient workflow and increased productivity. The integrated, powerful power supply with two front-mounted 230V power strips with up to 900W peak power lets you connect the devices you need. This allows you to meet all your needs for constant availability of work materials such as label printers, scanners and more.

Rocking digitization.

On-site data acquisition also speeds up data collection. Whether notebook, tablet, panel PC or other computer solution – the Rocktool PT200 mobile workstation can be equipped for all scenarios, e.g. with a monitor holder, drawers, printer holder, etc.. This enables mobile and efficient data collection in real time. You also have direct access to all the information you need, such as storage locations, job scope, quality documentation, etc., no matter where you are working. In addition, documents can be output directly at the workstation, reducing travel time and increasing productivity.

Customized configurations - Built for you!

Every industrial working environment and every process is unique. Warehouse staff, for example, need various materials for shipping, such as delivery bills, loading lists or shipping documents. These are usually stored in a fixed location and have to be retrieved repeatedly over long distances. Your process may look completely different. Thanks to the various configurations of the Rocktool PT200 series, devices such as label printers, scanners or computers can be used anywhere and at any time. The trolley offers a wide range of configuration options that are perfectly tailored to your application – from quantities of 1 – manufactured in Germany.

Rock Nonstop - Durable and maintenance-free

At the heart of the mobile workstation are high-quality converters with modern lithium iron phosphate batteries that ensure long-lasting and maintenance-free use. Compared to the usual lead-gel batteries, the Rocktool PT200 scores with a considerably lower weight and significantly higher usable battery capacity (up to 95% instead of 30%) and a much longer service life, as it is cycle-resistant and maintenance-free. The battery capacity of 100 Ah or 160 Ah ensures non-stop operation for up to 22 hours. The battery monitor is equipped with a battery indicator to signal timely recharging. All in all, this results in a considerably lower total cost of ownership with a battery life of up to 8 years.

Ergonomic and safe

The Rocktool PT200 prevents tension and fatigue thanks to its low basic weight and ergonomic working height. At the same time, accidents at work are reduced as there is no need to carry heavy objects and the risk of tripping is reduced.


  • Mobile workstation with independent power supply enables flexible working at any location
  • Individually adaptable to the intended use thanks to modular design
  • Efficient workflow thanks to shorter work paths
  • 2 x front 230 V socket strip with up to 900 watts peak power
  • Battery monitor with battery status display
  • Modern lithium iron phosphate batteries ensure long-lasting, maintenance-free use
  • Battery capacities of 100 Ah or 160 Ah for up to 22 hours of non-stop operation
  • Increased productivity thanks to mobile availability of all required work equipment (e.g. computer, printer, scanner, tools)
  • Direct and fast access to relevant information and systems everywhere
  • Mobile data capture in real time ensures higher data quality and up-to-dateness
  • Ergonomic working height prevents tension and fatigue
  • Robust construction: Durable and resistant even in harsh environments
  • Improved safety: Prevents accidents caused by tripping or carrying heavy objects
  • Powerful tension supply for all conceivable scenarios
  • Smooth-running castors with parking brake
  • Low basic weight from 66 kg
  • 24-month warranty, battery life up to 8 years
  • Made in Germany

Technical Specifications

Electrical equipment
Input voltage
187 - 265 VAC / frequency 45 - 65 Hz
Output voltage
230 VAC ± 2% / frequency: 50 Hz ± 0.1%
Output power (at 25°C)
430 W / 500 VA (900 watts peak power)
No-load power
8-10 W
Power consumption during charging
250 W
State of charge, current power, remaining runtime, current, consumed energy, battery voltage
Capacity & running time
■ 60 Ah LiFePo, 8 hours at 75W continuous load ■ 100 Ah LiFePo, 14 hours at 75W continuous load ■ 160 Ah LiFePo, 22 hours at 75W continuous load, 10 hours at 150W continuous load
Max. Battery discharge
Theoretically 95% (protective shutdown at 20%)
Integrated cable reel with 4m cable
2 front sockets
Battery temperature sensor
Battery life
up to 8 years, depending on daily usage
Protection systems
Short circuit, battery reverse polarity detection, overload, external voltage at the output, battery voltage too high, input voltage ripple too high, battery voltage too low, temperature too high
Basic system
Sheet steel construction with colored side panels
4 swivel castors (diameter 125 mm), 2 with stoppers, load capacity up to 225 kg
Weight (plus options)
66 to 72 kg (depending on the configuration), 38 kg without integrated power supply
1080 x 620 x 610 mm (external dimensions), 520 x 470 x 520 mm (internal dimensions, without energy box)
610 x 620 mm
Ambient temperature
0 - +50°C, max. 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Table top
Extendable keyboard tray
Incl. drawer runners, can be installed multiple times
■ Fixed mounted ■ Extendable 45 kg
Impact protection
Circumferential, bottom
Back wall
Rear, over the entire length
Monitor holder
Fixed monitor column, 545mm
Bottle holder
Bottle holder on the side
Side handles

² = Variant without battery


The production of electronic devices unavoidably causes greenhouse gas emissions along the process chain. During the production and transport of the Rocktool PT200, all unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions are offset so that you receive a climate-neutral product. In addition, like all WEROCK devices, the Rocktool PT200 is designed for durability. The extended lifetime minimizes the need to buy new devices and further reduces the environmental impact.


Supported Operating Systems

Ubuntu 20.04, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Windows 10 Professional, Windows 11 Pro

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