KBD2 Waterproof compact keyboard

Order Code: ACC-GEN-KBD2-DE
  • High-quality keyboard from CHERRY
  • Thorough wipe disinfection of keypad and keyboard.
  • Silicone key membrane with flat key profile and closed, gap-free surface.
  • CleanFunction to switch off the keypad during cleaning (“FN “+”Clean on/off”)
  • Removable key membrane for separate reprocessing (WD, steam sterilization)
  • IP68 protection class for immersion cleaning and mechanical reprocessing
  • Illuminated keypad for use in dark environments
  • Cleaning and disinfection according to DGHM/VAH guidelines.

KBD2 is a high-quality, reliable PC keyboard in notebook design. Due to its cleaning and disinfection capability, it is particularly suitable for use in hospitals, medical practices and microbiological laboratories, as well as in industrial and administrative applications.
The silicone membrane protects the keypad against penetration of dirt and liquids. Thanks to the light keystroke and precise key guidance, the KBD2 is highly recommended for use in hygiene-critical environments.
Standard: German QWERTZ layout, other layouts on request.

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