Quarterly Report Climate Q3/2023

WEROCK can also look back on an excellent order situation in the third quarter. Of course, one drop of bitterness remains: The real greenhouse gas emissions, which are caused by production and logistics, continue to rise. This article shows you which emissions were generated in the third quarter, how we dealt with them and what we are doing to reduce them.


In line with our expectations, our emissions from the production and logistics of our products increased significantly in the third quarter.  Several large orders from our customers resulted in a significant increase of +331% compared to the second quarter and 50% more than the full year 2022. As before, emissions are not accurately calculated as we lack the internal resources to do so. All emissions are recorded in accordance with the scope concept from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. In the third quarter, indirect external emissions (Scope 3 emissions) accounted for over 98% of emissions, as manufacturing is carried out by external partners.


Despite the strong increase, WEROCK products remain climate neutral through offsetting, because unfortunately computers cannot be manufactured climate neutral. Part of our company philosophy is to compensate emissions that cannot be avoided at the moment, so that we are at least balance sheet climate neutral. To compensate our emissions, we invest money in sustainable projects. In the end, our products are climate neutral through offsetting. You can find out who receives these funds and how they are used regularly in our quarterly climate report. We always pay attention to projects with a high standard, which fulfill at least five of the 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations. Due to the lack of availability of a current project that meets our guidelines, the project supported for the third quarter only meets three of these goals.


With the construction of a wind power plant in Chaiyaphum, Thailand, we are again supporting a project for the sustainable generation of renewable energy in the third quarter. The project activity is estimated to reduce 117,849 tCO2e of greenhouse gas emissions per year, replacing 124,041.6 MWh/year of electricity with renewable energy. The project diversifies the mix of power plants connected to the Thai power grid, which is mainly thermal/fossil fuel power plants.

Goal 8 - Affordable and clean energy

By generating 245,484.01 MWh of renewable energy, the project activity contributes to SDG 7, which aims to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth

During the current monitoring period, Chaiyaphum Wind Farm Co. Ltd. has conducted 5 training and capacity building trainings. 65 people were successfully hired, contributing to the achievement of SDG 8, which aims to promote sustainable, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Goal 13 - Climate Action

By reducing emissions, this action is consistent with SDG 13, which calls for urgent action to address climate change and its impacts. By taking important steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the project activity contributes to preserving our planet for future generations.


Renovation work at the Technologiefabrik in Karlsruhe is progressing and the first areas of the facade have already received their insulation. Optimizations in logistics and operations have enabled us to reduce delivery times and real emissions.


Despite clear instructions, we still receive tablet packaging from one of our packaging suppliers, which – for whatever reason – has some foam in the lid. In the spirit of sustainability, we use this cardboard packaging instead of letting it go back, since the material consumption has already occurred. We are exchanging ideas here so that this can be avoided in the future.


The fourth quarter also holds a strong operating business and several large orders are pending- Nevertheless, compared to the third quarter, we expect decreasing emissions, which will still be above the level of the first half of the year.

You too can help. Equip your employees with durable, rugged devices from WEROCK. This will bring you climate-neutral, modern technology that will improve the efficiency of your company. At the same time, our profits allow you to do even more in the area of climate protection. I am looking forward to your inquiry!

Yours Markus Nicoleit

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