Device maintenance

Make sure that your device always works reliably and perfectly in use. Regular, professional maintenance of your Rocktab tablet or Rockbook notebook decisively increases its service life and offers a positive side effect: It is simply better to work with a clean and perfectly functioning device.

We recommend servicing your devices after two years at the latest for a thorough cleaning inside and out, the replacement of relevant small housing parts – if necessary – as well as a comprehensive and intensive hardware test.

Professional maintenance by WEROCK

No time to do the maintenance yourself? Our technicians at WEROCK will gladly take care of this for you and maintain your device according to an internal maintenance protocol.

After completed maintenance, you benefit from a warranty of up to 90 days on the maintenance.

Standard Pro Premium
Hardware check, PC check, preparation of a protocol
Cleaning of housing and display
Exchange of relevant case parts and flaps if worn out
Exchange and application of a new display protection foil
Intensive cleaning inside the device
Replacement of the touchpad if present and worn out
Replacement of the battery if present and worn out
Warranty on maintenance
30 days
60 days
90 days
Order code

99 €

185 €

265 €

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT, shipping costs and the cost of the replacement battery. If problems are discovered during the hardware or PC check, you will receive a separate quote from us for the recommended repair work.

The warranty is valid for the maintenance.

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