Remote maintenance

If you are asked by a WEROCK technician to install the Rustdesk remote maintenance you can do this here:

Please select “Run” and wait until the remote maintenance program has downloaded. If necessary, you must now confirm the security question again with “Run”. The remote maintenance program will now run and show you an ID and an associated password. Please tell this to our technician.

What is Rustdesk?

RustDesk is a free software for graphical remote control of computers, such as notebooks, smartphones or tablets. The RustDesk client is available for various operating systems. RustDesk claims to be a simple alternative for remote control software like Teamviewer or AnyDesk. Therefore RustDesk is one of the few open source solutions in this area, which works without additional solutions like VPNs or port forwarding behind firewalls or NATs. RustDesk is based on Flutter and the proprietary Sciter UI.

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