RSC1000 Power cable

Order Code: ACC-GEN-CBL08-13
  • Industrial power cables for Rocksmart RSC1000 series panel PCs
  • M12 screw cap
  • IP67 waterproof
  • As an alternative to the supplied standard length (2m)
  • As AC variant with plug type E+F (CEE 7/7) (other plugs on request)
  • As DC variant with open cable end
Article number Cable length Cable version
ACC-GEN-CBL08 0.5 m Plug type E+F (CEE 7/7) (AC)
ACC-GEN-CBL09 3.0 m Plug type E+F (CEE 7/7) (AC)
ACC-GEN-CBL10 5.0 m Plug type E+F (CEE 7/7) (AC)
ACC-GEN-CBL11 0.5 m Open cable end (DC)
ACC-GEN-CBL12 3.0 m Open cable end (DC)
ACC-GEN-CBL13 5.0 m Open cable end (DC)


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