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Why is it worth switching to Android 11?

There are a number of reasons why you should update your smartphones to Android 11. Android 11 offers a wide range of new features. With the help of the combination of live view and location sharing, users can locate their own friends and colleagues faster through Google Maps. In addition, with sketched arrows and directions,

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Wi-Fi 6(E): Booster of the industrial WLAN infrastructure

Reliable as well as high-performance WLAN is nowadays part of the indispensable basic supply of industrial companies and is thus a decisive factor in the development of digitalization. This guarantees effective communication channels in companies and generates significantly higher productivity. WLAN, abbreviation for “Wireless Local Area Network”, is the umbrella term for this wireless technology.

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Digital automotive production: The machine that makes the machine.

The integration of existing plants, intelligent maintenance concepts and even the networking of complete factories ensures competitiveness and sets building blocks for the future. For example, the automotive industry is facing several problems right now: The need for digitalization, the complete conversion of vehicle fleets to alternative drives, and supply bottlenecks for electronic components. Not

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Security vulnerability in Log4j

the BSI issued a security warning last weekend. The library log4j for Java in version 2.0 – 2.14 has a security hole and should therefore not be used. More information about the security hole can be found here: We are in close exchange with all developers regarding the vulnerability, which leads to an immediate

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Acceptance of new technologies among security agencies and businesses increased by Corona pandemic

Acceptance of new technologies among security agencies and businesses increased by Corona pandemic.The Corona pandemic has not only changed the way we collectively think about security, it has also redefined our expectations of technology. This is evidenced by an international study conducted by Motorola Solutions in conjunction with world-leading research institution Goldsmiths, University of London.The

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