No tolerance for errors – We check every device

At WEROCK, one basic principle applies: The customer must receive a perfect product. Partial defects, damaged or even dead-on-arrival products are not acceptable to us. It is not enough to set requirements for product quality in advance of the factory. All items are inspected with great care upon receipt for quantity, defect, completeness, accuracy and other characteristics. Before shipment to our customers, all equipment will receive another more detailed inspection.

In this blog post, we will introduce how we ensure that you receive a flawless device. Every time.

Our quality process

Basically, the process is divided into several steps that ensure product quality at all stages until it reaches the end user. This of course starts with the production, the final inspection and burn-in test and ends with a final check before shipping to the customer.

The Factory Check

Our products are products for industrial environments where no compromises in quality can be made. A basic requirement of ours for production partners or product suppliers is that they are ISO 9001 certified. This specifies the minimum requirements for a company’s quality management system (QMS), with process optimization at its core. An ISO9001 certified production does not per se ensure a good product, but it does specify that the process is always a uniform one – which should ensure a certain product standard. During production, there are instructions for each model on how to assemble it so that it is error-free.

During a final function test, all functions of the product are tested once, all keys are pressed, the touchscreen and display are checked, etc. The device then goes into the so-called “test phase”. The device then goes into the so-called “burn-in” test. During this test, the device runs for numerous hours under maximum load of the various components to rule out any final production errors or component weaknesses.

Goods inspection on receipt

The quality of the product enjoys the highest priority for us, which must be checked and ensured without compromise in every case. At WEROCK, we firmly believe that this inspection serves as an indispensable measure to guarantee our product quality, even though such an inspection involves additional effort. At the receiving department, we document whether the shipment matches the production order/purchase order, as well as any discrepancies, pick appropriate accessories to go with the goods, check the legal markings on the devices, match the serial numbers, inspect the packaging and goods for visual damage for claims to be filed with the shipping service providers or the factory, and finally briefly inspect each device for function until it finds its way to the warehouse shelf. This inspection is for each individual unit, rather than random inspections that are common in the industry.

Configuration and final inspection

We are not afraid to go the extra mile for our customers. In the outgoing goods department, we subject our products to a final inspection before we ship them to the customer or reseller. Defective products also cause unnecessary agitation and inconvenience to the customer, which leads to decreased customer satisfaction, worsened customer ratings and ultimately damage to the company’s image. And that is really the last thing we want.

Once again, we check the goods with regard to specification, functionality and external integrity. For our end customers, we are happy to carry out the “ready to use” configuration of the products according to their wishes. This includes, for example, installation of software, configuration of network interfaces, setup of barcode scanners and so on. This saves the customer the time-consuming and sometimes complex setup. If desired, a further burn-in or performance test including documentation can also be carried out at this point.

Finally, we recharge any existing batteries, install the latest updates, and thoroughly clean and disinfect the devices to make them ready for delivery.

At the same time, we adhere to our sustainable principles when dealing with shipping packaging by using biodegradable, recyclable and nature-friendly materials. For more on this topic, see another blog post.

You can find more info about us and our quality standards on our “About Us” page.

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