Our service promise: After Sales has highest priority

At WEROCK, you can rely not only on product quality, but also on our service. We offer our customers comprehensive and reliable services to satisfy their needs in the best possible way, both before and after the purchase process. Not only that – like all parts, our “Service” area is subject to a continuous improvement process.

What happens when a problem occurs?

Even though our products are designed to be extremely rugged and durable, there’s always a chance that a problem will occur with a device. Our entire technical support process is available through an online platform at https://www.werocktools.com/technical-support/. If you have a problem, fill out the form there, or send us an email at [email protected]. In both cases, a service ticket will be generated at our end.

We treat every incoming service ticket with the utmost seriousness, because we care about the long-term satisfaction of our customers. That’s why we have set ourselves ambitious KPIs for service: Our claim is to provide an initial response to every ticket within one hour (during our operating hours), as well as to finally process all tickets within 7 days – including hardware repairs!

We live “Living Manuals.” We strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible in all of our work processes, and continually think about what we can do to help the environment on a daily basis. Living manuals in digital form not only provide you with the most up-to-date information; they are also in line with our sustainability approach. Digital manuals are environmentally friendly and at the same time more convenient thanks to the integrated search function (but we will of course be happy to send you a print version free of charge if required). Problems caused by operating errors, special scenarios in which hardware behaves differently than you might have originally expected, or special configurations – there are always scenarios that are not covered by the user manual. If a service ticket reveals an issue that could also be of interest to other users, this will be added directly with the next manual revision. All manuals can be found as online and PDF versions in our download section.

Every service ticket that is not due to an operating error is also evaluated in product management in order to further improve the quality of future products.

Benefit from a top warranty

All our physical products come with a 24-month warranty as standard. Depending on your requirements, you can adjust the warranty to 3 and, for some devices, up to 5 years via appropriate service contracts. However, our standard warranty not only covers all manufacturing defects, it also provides you with free support even in case of misconfigurations as well as self-inflicted software problems that occur within 30 days of purchase.

Repairs are carried out at our main location in Pforzheim (Baden-Württemberg, Germany), using only high-quality spare parts, of course. Even without an additional service contract, you already enjoy a “Fastlane” service here based on our internal KPIs.

Already upon receipt, your defective device is subjected to a thorough examination so that a comprehensive diagnosis can be carried out. After the repair, this is still extensively tested for load capacity and finally thoroughly cleaned again. You can track the status of the repair process at any time via the ticket system.

However, we offer more warranty packages that extend the standard program. For customers with particularly high requirements, we offer the special “Care” and “PremiumCare” warranty programs. The “Care” program extends the standard warranty to up to five years. In addition to the services offered by the standard program, the “PremiumCare” program provides an even more pleasant repair experience: if desired and the repair cannot be completed within a few days, customers receive a free replacement device for the repair period.

Our premium warranty "Warranty Plus" for maximum safety

We understand that our devices are tools for you and your employees that must function reliably at all times. If a device fails, it is particularly annoying if this reduces productivity or employees cannot work at all. With “Warranty Plus”, we have created a service model that meets the demands of financial security and downtime-free working.

With Warranty Plus, your product is protected all around. It is your fully comprehensive cover that also protects you against material damage caused by normal use, wear and tear, and accidents. Even theft and fire damage are covered by our warranty*. In case of loss or total loss of the device, a complete exchange is possible

Repairs under “Warranty Plus” are again prioritized over normal warranty repairs. If a short-term repair is not possible in individual cases, you can get a free replacement device for the period of the repair. Collection and return shipment of the product are completely free of charge within Germany.

You do not have to decide to purchase the “Warranty Plus” directly when you buy the device. You have a full 90 days after the initial purchase.

Our Warranty Plus program provides you with an industry-leading level of peace of mind and financial predictability throughout the life of the hardware.

For more information on our support products, click here.

Excellent repairability

Right from the product development stage, we focus on durability and excellent repairability. Thus, all our products are designed with user-replaceable batteries or easy replaceability. You will not find glued housings, which are now common in smartphones, with us.

For more information on our warranty programs and other services such as Ready-to-Run deliveries and maintenance offers, please visit https://www.werocktools.com/support/services/.

* = co-payment necessary

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