WEROCK extends service and warranty offer

WEROCK Technologies GmbH, innovative manufacturer of industrial rugged tablets, notebooks and handheld mobile computers, is expanding and improving the service and warranty offering of its products for the benefit of its customers. The innovations include the voluntary extension of the warranty to 24 months for all products as well as the introduction of the new service offer “Warranty Plus”.

With the extension of the manufacturer’s warranty to 24 months, WEROCK offers its customers additional security without the additional costs that are customary in the industry – a significantly better offer compared to the warranty period of 1 year that is customary in the industrial computer industry. The new warranty applies to all products purchased from WEROCK or its resellers on or after August 30, 2022. A separate registration is not required to benefit from the extended warranty. For optimal security and planning over the entire period of use, warranty extensions of 36 to 60 months can also be added, depending on the model.

The repairs themselves are handled transparently via the provider’s online support system, which promises real-time insight into the current status of the process at all times. While WEROCK does not offer guaranteed support periods in the standard warranty, the team strives to provide an initial response and assistance to inquiries during office hours within 1 hour. Submitted hardware is targeted to receive a final response within 7 days.

“We are confident in the quality of our products and the number of hardware repairs over the past 2 years clearly shows us that we can take this step without hesitation. Our products are built from the ground up to be rugged and durable, and this is also confirmed accordingly by test laboratories,” says Markus Nicoleit, Managing Director of WEROCK Technologies GmbH. “Good, fast service is part of our understanding of a good customer relationship. We also know, of course, that it is essential for our users to keep equipment downtime to a minimum. That’s why it goes without saying that we handle all service tickets as quickly as possible,” Nicoleit continues.

WEROCK is also introducing the new premium service package “Warranty Plus”, which clearly sets it apart from the competition. The service package adds all-round protection to the customer-oriented warranty processing, which even covers accidental damage caused by accidents as well as normal wear and tear during the contract period. Warranty Plus can also be purchased up to 90 days after the initial purchase. Most notably, the package is designed as a true TCO (total cost of ownership) protection package and even includes cost coverage for fire damage, theft or total loss, e.g. due to being run over. This means that in the event of unforeseen events, users can be assured that their equipment will be restored without additional costs or extended downtime. If a device is beyond repair, WEROCK will replace it with a replacement device of equal or better specification.

More information on the new warranty packages can be found at https://www.werocktools.com/product-warranty/. The service packages are available immediately from WEROCK as well as from the affiliated sales partners.

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