A closer look at the Fully Rugged Tablet Rocktab U212

Ready for any task - Rocktab U214 Rugged Tablet on gray background

The Rocktab U212 – Ready for any task

The high-end 11.6″ fully rugged tablet “Rocktab U212” from WEROCK is designed to offer optimal performance with high ease of use in the field. With a huge range of functions, the powerful, fully rugged tablet enables an increase in efficiency in warehouse, vehicle and field service environments. Take a closer look at the highlights of the Rocktab U212 now.

Designed to last

The Rocktab U212 is a rugged tablet in a class of its own. Where there is adverse weather, bright sunshine, cold, rain, dust and dirt or other environmental challenges, the Rocktab U212 is in its specialty. The enclosed design is IP65 and US military standard MIL-STD-810G certified. This means that the Rocktab U212 is not only completely waterproof and dustproof, but can also withstand drops from heights of over 1.2 meters, shocks and vibrations without any problems. Accordingly, the rugged tablet is especially resistant to accidental drops.

Highest performance in a compact format

The rugged 11.6″ tablet is designed for maximum mobile performance and productivity. Choose between Intel® Core i5 processors for increased performance needs or a Pentium™ N4200 for all common standard processes, such as Office and ERP programs.

Thanks to high-speed wireless technologies, the Rocktab U212 enables Internet connectivity anytime, anywhere. The built-in 2×2 MU-MIMO WLAN adapter is WiFi 6 certified and enables data rates of up to 2.4 gigabits per second. With the new WLAN standard WiFi 6, uploads and downloads are possible in the shortest possible time and with minimal latencies. On factory floors and company premises, WiFi 6 allows seamless switching between different access points without disconnecting.

Future-proof and ready for industrial applications of all kinds – be it connecting barcode scanners, vehicle diagnostics or indoor navigation – with the integrated Bluetooth® 5.2 you are perfectly equipped.

The compact device is one of the slimmest models in its class. Weighing just 1.4 kg and 22mm deep, employees have unlimited mobility with this rugged tablet

Built to order

The Rocktab U212 is not an off-the-shelf product. It is individually built to order and can be configured to your needs in a highly flexible way even in small quantities. Hundreds of possible configurations are available. Particularly popular models will also be available from stock in the future.

The modular and expandable design even allows for subsequent modifications. For example, the RAM and hard drive, as well as the LTE and GPS modules, can be exchanged. In addition, the Rocktab U212 has an expansion slot for smartcard reader or network connection.

The brightest display we could take

The excellent Rocktab U212 is a real revolution among rugged tablets. The most important component of a tablet is the display. The sunlight-readable 11.6″ Full HD display offers a brightness of 850 cd/m² and is thus suitable for permanent outdoor use without restrictions. The anti-glare film splits the incoming light rays and distributes them in different directions. Displayed content thus remains legible and true to color even in the best weather.

With a particularly high contrast and a viewing angle of 89° from each axis, the display has further top features.

The Rocktab U212 has a capacitive 10-point multi-touch panel. This means that the touchscreen can be operated with fingers and gloves even when wet and dirty. Additionally included is an input pen, which can be safely stored in the device.

Whether outdoors or in the office – the Rocktab U212 is the ideal companion

The tablet from WEROCK brings the necessary connectivity and ergonomics to be used both mobile in the field and stationary in the office. With the optional docking stations, you can quickly switch to a pleasant desktop computing experience thanks to user-friendly viewing angles. Safe use and transport is made possible by the optionally available comfortable hand strap. Other convenient carrying and mounting options, such as the shoulder strap and vehicle mount, expand the Rocktab U212’s range of uses. With the extensive accessories catalog, the user experience can be optimally designed to suit the intended use.

Hot swap battery up to 76 Wh - Rocktab U212 Rugged Tablet from back

Enduring performance

The battery also represents one of the most important components of any tablet. Battery life is critical to the productivity of field workers, as a power outlet is not always available for recharging. Rugged tablets like WEROCK’s Rocktab U212 feature a hot-swappable battery. This removable 45 Wh battery allows for potentially unlimited, uninterrupted battery life. The battery can be easily replaced while the tablet is in full operation, without having to turn off the tablet or exit running programs. With the up to 76 Wh hot-swap battery, even up to 14 hours of runtime is possible.

The Rocktab U212 is enduring for extra productivity on long workdays and smooth shift changes.


WEROCK’s rugged Rocktab U212 is a reliable companion with maximum functionality. With military standard and WiFi 6 certification, anti-glare 11.6″ full HD display, up to 76 Wh hot-swap battery and extensive accessories catalog, Rocktab U212 is a powerful high-end tablet.

In all industrial environments and field service applications, this rugged industrial tablet gives you unrestricted mobility. In addition, the Rocktab U212 is characterized by its high long-term availability – according to plan, the robust tablet from WEROCK is available until 2026.

All WEROCK products are climate neutral! The CO2 footprint of the tablet, which inevitably arises from production and transport, is fully compensated via climate projects according to WWF Gold Standard.

Increase efficiency in warehouse, vehicle and field service environments now with the help of the Rocktab U212 from WEROCK. We will be happy to advise you.

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