Rugged tablets take your logistics to the next level

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The demands of online customers seem to know no bounds. In addition to rapid delivery, customers love to feel every slightest change in the status of their order. From receipt of payment, to the start of processing, to packaging and shipping.
To meet these demands, online stores have to invest massively in their logistics infrastructure.

The number of online orders has already increased steadily over the last ten years. The Corona crisis has added a whole new dimension to all of this. Lockdowns and contact restrictions meant that even those who otherwise did their shopping the traditional way were now reliant on the world of online shopping.

For Amazon, the market-leading online mail order company in Germany, this meant sales of 24.7 billion euros in 2020 and an increase in sales of around 33 percent compared to 2019. Globally, Amazon cracked the $100 billion mark for the first time with quarterly sales of 106.383 billion euros thanks to the ordering boom during the Corona crisis.

With this rapid development, the digitization of value and logistics chains is inevitable for the industry. At present, customer expectations are higher and competition greater than ever before. Speed and service are increasingly decisive factors in customer decisions. Free deliveries and returns further stimulate the movement of goods.

Automation and optimization of the flow of materials and goods is just as necessary as the correct use of resources in incoming and outgoing goods. This is the only way to keep up with the competition and efficiently manage ever-increasing delivery volumes.

Innovative technologies enable you to accelerate a wide range of logistical processes. For example, with the help of robust digital terminals for paperless processing of transport orders. Digital planning, management and control of material and information flows optimizes your delivery reliability, quality, flexibility, capability and service levels. Digital supply chain management is the future of intralogistics, freight forwarding and CEP services.

Rugged tablets - the technological upgrade

Handhelds have been used in intralogistics for some time now, enabling the first digitized workflows in in-house warehouse management and material flow control. For example, transport orders and picking can be perfected with handhelds.

The handhelds deliver functions that optimize internal processes through digital data capture, enabling your employees to work quickly and efficiently. The robust devices of the Scoria A100 series from WEROCK are reliable and powerful companions in a compact format. The Scoria A100 handhelds impress with integrated high-end barcode scanners, telephone function, touchscreen display, high-speed LTE for mobile voice and data communication and up to 12 hours of battery life. The additional SnapOn battery doubles the runtime of the Scoria A100 handhelds for trouble-free 2-shift operation.
For tasks beyond that, the rugged Rocktab S100 series tablets come into play. As fully-fledged mobile computers, they can be used in the warehouse as well as on the road, creating productivity-oriented workflows. An improved logistics process increases the efficiency of your company as well as the satisfaction of employees and customers, because your products reach the customer more easily and quickly.

Why "rugged" tablets are better

Protection against physical impact from the outside is essential for work in warehousing. WEROCK’s rugged tablets are designed to withstand the harshest environments. They have a scratch-resistant, bright display with gesture-compatible touchscreen and are dust and water resistant according to IP65. Dirt and dust are no challenge for the rugged tablet and can be easily washed off with water.

Since the tablet can accidentally fall in the hectic working day, drops even from a height of more than one meter are no problem for the tablet PCs. In addition, accessories such as a shoulder strap or wrist strap ensure a high level of operating comfort.
The Rocktab tablets can withstand temperature fluctuations where normal devices already reach their limits. Even extreme plus or minus degrees are no problem for the robust tablets of the Rocktab S100 series. Even on extremely hot days, where an iPhone or iPad may have to shut down due to overheating, the Rocktab tablets continue to operate without any problems. It can also be used in cold warehouses and outdoors in any weather. This means that even stocktaking in bad weather conditions can be done quickly and efficiently.

Your rugged tablet as an innovative work companion

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For smooth processes in freight forwarding, intralogistics and CEP services, documenting a wide range of data is a top priority. Robust tablets, such as the Rocktab S108, have an optional 2D barcode scanner with which all relevant data can be quickly recorded. Optionally, the tablet can also be equipped with NFC, RFID or a CANBUS module for vehicle diagnostics.

By combining computer and barcode scanner in one handy device, you do not need additional barcode scanners or handhelds. The complete scanning process can be done efficiently directly on the tablet, while the large screen ensures optimal ease of use. Rugged tablets from the Rocktab series have numerous connections and functions that you need in a professional environment.
And with the help of the integrated camera, you can photograph damaged or incorrectly labeled goods in real time, for example.

Optimize your logistics by capturing incoming and outgoing shipments without errors or losses, reducing time at identification and checkpoints. Fast and secure verification of shipment numbers, delivery bills, invoices and other documents is enabled. The right software and future-proofing is provided with Windows or Android as the operating system.
To ensure seamless integration into everyday work, there is a suitable vehicle mount for numerous tablets such as the Rocktab S108, Rocktab L110 and Rocktab U212. In this, the tablet is securely held and charged while driving. Additional ports allow the connection to additional scanners, printers or connection to the vehicle for autonomous driving (e.g. Jungheinrich EKX series). Furthermore, CEP service providers also benefit from devices such as the Rocktab S108 while on the road, as delivery tours and routes can be planned and tracked. With optional input pens, data can be quickly entered and signatures captured. With generous batteries, the tablets have enough capacity for the whole day and are therefore the ideal companion for use.

The Rocktab S108 in use - a practical example

A rugged tablet is an all-round talent for a wide range of tasks.
Mobile at all times: With the help of the vehicle mount, the Rocktab S108 from WEROCK can be quickly and easily mounted on the forklift truck. At the same time, barcode scanners and label printers can be connected via the bracket.

The logistics employee quickly receives the pick instructions via the Rocktab S108 in order to bring the goods to the truck. When he arrives at the appropriate pallet location, he scans the barcode of the pallet location. The system now reserves the pallet on it for the current customer. The barcode printer prints out a suitable label, which is stuck onto the pallet. During the process, however, the employee sees that the goods on the pallet in the adjacent storage bin have been damaged. He takes the tablet out of its holder, takes photos of the damage and reports it to the office staff.
The robust tablet is then returned to its cradle and charging station, and the employee moves on to the next pallet for a collection customer. The appropriate location is displayed directly on the tablet. The pallet is loaded into the freight forwarder’s truck and the receipt of the goods is easily confirmed on the tablet by signature. For the end customer, the proper exit is documented directly by photo with the tablet.

Compact tablets, such as the Rocktab S108, are perfect for digitizing your warehouse environment or even for delivery tours. Speed up your logistics now and increase your efficiency while reducing errors. With a rugged tablet from WEROCK, you get a robust, powerful device at an attractive price point.

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