How rugged industrial tablets can boost the German construction sector

Digitization with its mobile technologies is advancing and touching all industries on its way, which benefit from it through adapted developments. It has now finally reached the construction industry. But although the potential of digitization in the field seems obvious, progress is very slow. The defensive attitude against developments in digitization is already evident from simple facts and calls fundamental concepts of the German construction industry into question. Instead of switching to modern 3D technologies, for example, people are still working with decades-old 2D models, even though this change could be implemented with ease and processes could be accelerated immediately. The possibilities of augmented reality, or “AR” for short, have also not been exploited in any way to date, even though the technology is already available. The German construction industry is decidedly lagging behind when it comes to digitization, which could become a major problem in the near future. This is despite the fact that work can already be made much more efficient by identifying and preventing risks at an early stage.

Today, special industrial tablets with a robust, so-called “rugged” feature offer the easiest access to the potential of digitalization. They can be used anywhere on a mobile basis and are also equipped with features that make them valuable companions in a wide range of applications. It is therefore surprising that many companies do not even use simple tablets. Industrial tablets are now setting standards with which they can set themselves apart from simple tablets thanks to their unique functions and contribute to success for the German construction sector.

Why “rugged”?

Computer technology represents a complex system of many individual parts that together make up a working system. Therefore, even the smallest damage can cause this system to collapse and become unusable. Even minor external influences, such as increased dust exposure, temperature fluctuations, humidity or dirt in the air mean the end for normal notebooks and tablets. It is therefore no wonder that such devices are not found on construction sites. Because there, you have to rely on robustness that enables continuous working. A long battery life is also important in this environment. This is where robust, so-called “rugged” industrial tablets come into play, which can be used safely and everywhere.

Isn’t normal equipment with a cover enough protection?

Many electronic devices are often only used in combination with protective cases. Especially with smartphones, many users swear by the protection of a case from day one. This is certainly also the case with tablets. So couldn’t they just be used in the construction sector? The answer is no. Simple sleeves do not provide sufficient protection with their material for an extreme place of use like a construction site.
However, the lack of protection is not the only factor due to which normal tablets are not used. There are broader functional advantages to “rugged” tablets that go beyond mere physical protection.

These are the advantages offered by rugged industrial tablets

Simple tablets are designed for everyday use and aim to be accessible to the masses. Therefore, they come from mass production and do not offer personalization options for customers with special needs.
Rugged industrial tablets not only set the standard for protection against external impacts. For businesses, internal security is also paramount, something normal tablets can’t come up with. Communication and forwarded data within a company should be secure. With the Rocktab S100 series from WEROCK, integrated security chips ensure secure storage of data that cannot be accessed by outsiders. Furthermore, thanks to integrated broadband internet, data from the construction site can be made available directly in real time and immediately forwarded to the respective recipients. These can then react promptly and, for example, provide required materials without delay.

In order for data to be handled smoothly, it must be digitized. Due to the paper economy that still takes place today, this is a rarity, which definitely stands in the way of the possibilities of an efficient way of working. With the Rocktab S100 series, data capture and verification processes can be accelerated, errors minimized and data stored securely. In the process, technologies are used for data acquisition that are not used in simple tablets and will not be used in the future. One example is 2D barcode scanners, which go far beyond the capabilities of a simple camera and can easily handle thousands of scans a day.

Thanks to the modular nature of the Rocktab S100 series, other extensions can also be installed in advance as agreed and thus optimized for a wide variety of uses. With their versatile connections and interfaces, our “rugged” tablets can be smoothly integrated into the work process and used on site, making work more efficient. This makes them a valuable helper for architects, project managers, chimney sweeps and many more in all fields of application: whether for checking deliveries of goods, for product documentation or for solar integrators.

Feedback from our customers in the trade

“I love that I can have installation instructions, repair instructions, and service instructions with me wherever I go on site without having to worry about the condition of the tablet.”

“With the tablet, I can easily work on the job site and get an overview of the progress and document it in combination with a drone.”
“It used to take longer to collect data. As a chimney sweep, I can now capture the data of the system measurement digitally right away and have a tour list.”

“Thanks to the many connectivity options of the tablet, I can make configurations on panels and inverters. This is now even often possible directly on the roof.”

This is what the Rocktab S100 series from WEROCK has to offer

In-house, we offer many products with a wide range of options to best suit the needs of customers. We use a wide variety of add-ons such as barcode/RFID scanners, smartcard readers, NFC sensors and a wide range of accessories as well as holders. Adaptations to special requirements are also possible beyond this through modifications that can be developed together with customers.
Features that benefit all customers are used in all devices, as we believe they should be part of the basic equipment. These include a large working memory, 4G LTE compatibility and a generous battery that provides enough charge for the whole day. Since data security plays an important role in mobile IT solutions, built-in security chips ensure protection at the highest level.

Find more Information about the Rocktab S100 series here:

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