New Multi-Battery Charging Stations for the Rocktab S500 Rugged Tablet PC Series

Users of the WEROCK Rocktab S500 Rugged Tablet PC Series have a welcome new addition: the introduction of two new multi-battery charging stations that make battery operation of the tablets even more convenient. Here are some of the practical benefits these charging stations offer:

Quick battery change and multi-shift operation.

One of the salient features of these charging stations is the ability to charge up to four batteries simultaneously. This allows for quick battery swapping and ensures that tablets are ready for use in demanding environments without delay. This feature is especially useful for businesses or organizations where tablets are used in multi-shift operations.

Status display for each battery slot

To monitor the charging process and ensure that all batteries are charged optimally, the charging stations have a status indicator for each battery slot. Users thus have full control over the charging status of their batteries, which increases the efficiency and readiness of the tablets.

Compatibility and future enhancements

The charging station for the Rocktab S508 and S510 models is currently only available for Windows version batteries. We will also provide an Android version of the charging station if there is sufficient demand, as well as for other models for which charging stations are not yet available. This demonstrates our commitment to adapting our products to meet the needs of our customers. Currently, battery charging stations are also available for Rocktab L210 and Rocktab U210.

Alternative: spare battery charging via the docking station

Users who only want to charge a spare battery can continue to do so via their tablet’s respective docking station. This ensures the flexibility to change the battery as needed. The multi-battery charging station is therefore particularly suitable in environments where numerous tablets are used at the same time.

The introduction of these new multi-battery charging stations for the Rocktab S500 Rugged Tablet PC series focuses primarily on user benefits. They enable quick and hassle-free battery changes, optimize multi-shift use, and provide a solution tailored to the individual needs of our customers. For Rocktab S512 tablet users, the charging station is already available, allowing them to immediately reap the benefits of multi-battery charging. The charging station for Rocktab S508 and Rocktab S510 will follow soon and can already be ordered.

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