Rocktab L110 vs. Rocktab S110 – Which tablet is better suited for which scenarios?

two Front facing Rugged tablets - Rocktab S110 on the left side, Rocktab L110 on the right side

Rugged tablets are real all-rounders and versatile. They combine the advantages of a mobile computer and a conventional desktop PC. Small, handy, mobile and yet with a pleasant display size for working quickly. With them, these advantages can now also be used in demanding environments. The industrial tablets are correspondingly robust. But which tablet is exactly right for your purpose?

Our Rocktab tablets are similar at first glance, but each has its own individual strengths. This blog post will focus on the Rocktab L110 and Rocktab S110 tablets, what they have in common and for which type of use each is better suited.

Both offer a solid base

In terms of size and weight, they are pretty much identical. They combine a 10.1″ multi-touch display, 4GB of working memory as well as a 64GB SSD hard drive storage. This can additionally be expanded via a memory card. Both products are available with Windows 10 Professional as well as Android – so you have a free choice here. And thanks to the large, replaceable batteries, you don’t have to worry about your tablet running out of juice in the middle of work.

Other basic features include built-in speakers and microphone, as well as front and rear cameras for easy documentation of inventory, defects, and progress in the workday. A barcode scanner can be added as an option.

Both tablets are also on a similar level in terms of connectivity. Both the Rocktab S110 and Rocktab L110 feature 802.11ac dual-band WLAN, integrated LTE, full-fledged standard USB ports, and a USB-C port.

Where does the Rocktab S110 particularly stand out?

It should be mentioned in advance – the price-performance ratio is very good. The Rocktab S110 offers an unrivaled number of interfaces in this price segment out of the box. Thanks to the Bluetooth 4.0 interface, USB 2.0 and USB C port, you have many options to connect measuring devices, printers, scanners or headsets. The LAN and RS232 interfaces also offer a wide variety of connection and configuration options for machines and systems. The best part – RS232 and Ethernet are already included at no extra charge!

For workshops or large warehouses that benefit greatly from devices with many interfaces, the Rocktab S110 is an ideal choice.

The Rocktab L110 – better equipped overall.

For example, it has flexibly programmable keys that you can adjust to your needs as you like. The Android variant is Google-certified and optionally available with Google mobile services including the Play Store.

The Rocktab S110 scores with more interfaces, but the Rocktab L110 offers significantly more configuration options. This opens up a wide range of possible uses. In contrast to the Rocktab S110, the Rocktab L110 is already certified according to military standard MIL-STD-810G. It can withstand drops of up to 1.2 meters without any problems.

Another plus point is the much brighter display. The IPS LCD display with 750 cd/m2 brightness offers perfect illumination, no matter what the weather. Thus, the Rocktab L110’s display is very legible even in direct sunlight. But the Rocktab L110 also cuts a very good figure in bad weather, dust and dirt. No matter if heavy rain or dusty display, with or without gloves – the touchscreen won’t let you down. Thus, it is perfectly suited for any kind of outdoor use. In the construction sector or in firefighting operations, where work often has to be done under very harsh external conditions and in all weathers, a robust tablet like the Rocktab L110 will be a very big help for your team.

The Rocktab L110 also has more up its sleeve when it comes to accessories. For example, an optional vehicle mount is available. This allows you to operate the tablet easily and, above all, safely even while driving, e.g. during rescue missions. Once you arrive at the scene, you can simply remove the tablet from the cradle and continue using it.


In general, the use of a versatile work tool not only increases the efficiency of your operation, but also the satisfaction of your employees.

If you need a particularly large number of interfaces on a tight budget, the Rocktab S110 is optimal. It is robustly built and has enough power for all standard processes. But even if the tablet is mainly used indoors, you can fall back on this tablet with a clear conscience. Because you don’t need a high-brightness display like the Rocktab L110 has in workshops or warehouses.

If you need a tablet primarily for outdoor use, the Rocktab L110 is recommended. The brighter display combined with a touchscreen that can be used in all weather conditions makes the Rocktab L110 an ideal companion. It is more powerful than the Rocktab S110 and offers many more configuration options. If you want to quickly launch applications at the touch of a button, the Rocktab L110 also scores here with its freely programmable keys.

All in all, both the Rocktab L110 and the Rocktab S110 give you a high-quality industrial tablet with a rock-solid base for various fields of application. Decide which device covers your needs better. Of course, we will be happy to assist you if needed. Just contact us so that we can find the optimal device for your application and within your budget.

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