WEROCK expands sales program with innovative tablet holders

WEROCK Technologies GmbH, innovative manufacturer of industrial rugged tablets, notebooks and handheld mobile computers, is expanding its sales range with innovative tablet mounts that enable particularly efficient outdoor work.

In order to complement the portfolio of its own rugged tablets and rugged notebooks with attractive and interesting accessory products, WEROCK is expanding its portfolio with two innovative chest packs, the Ruxton Pack and the Jervis Pack.

Both Ruxton and Jervis are an ideal alternative to the backpack, as they are worn on the chest and allow faster access to the tablet and important utensils. The chest mounts are designed to provide comfortable and ergonomic support for tablet use in the field. The tablet is conveniently stored in the zippered pocket close to the body.

As a special feature, the front of Ruxton can be folded down and becomes a kind of flexible belly pouch. The tablet is connected to the Chest Pack via a mounting device and cannot fall out, but can be conveniently removed from the holder when needed. This allows the user to make inputs with both hands without having to hold the tablet, for example.

For transporting additional accessories, the front cover of Ruxton can be expanded to include pockets, and both models also have MOLLE-compatible straps. Additional pockets and holsters can be attached here. It offers high wearing comfort thanks to padding and good air circulation. Likewise, the system can also be worn under a normal backpack.

“With Ruxton and Jervis, we now have two extremely well thought-out systems for tablets of all kinds in our distribution. They will greatly simplify working life, especially in areas where tablets and tools are needed all day” said Markus Nicoleit, CEO of WEROCK. “It is an ideal addition, for example, for the technician in the field, for surveying work or in forestry” continued Nicoleit.

The Ruxton Pack and Jarvis Pack are available immediately through direct sales and distribution partners. In addition to the Chest Packs, the company offers rugged tablets, notebooks and handheld PDAs. Further information is available at https://www.werocktools.com/products/rugged-tablets/tablet-chest-packs/.


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