Rapid exchange of information in rescue service operations

There are many unknowns in any rescue service operation. One of the known variables is that your responders need fast, reliable information to help. Whether it’s quick navigation to the scene, fast information gathering on the way there, or capturing and relaying patient and incident data to the hospital, it’s hard to imagine a modern ambulance without a tablet.

The robust Rocktab L110 tablet is ideally equipped for critical operations. It offers a particularly bright display that remains legible even in the brightest sunshine. It can withstand drops, water, dust and temperature fluctuations because it is protected against environmental influences according to IP65 standard and certified according to military standard. It offers you numerous modern features, such as high-speed LTE internet connection and GPS, camera, NFC, and optional barcode reader and RFID function.

Seamless integration into the ambulance is achieved via the integrated vehicle mount. Thus, the tablet is securely attached while driving and is charged at the same time. Furthermore, this offers additional ports so that they can connect devices such as health card readers, printers or push-to-talk microphone. If needed, you can also pair the tablet with the vehicle via the RS232 port.

Rocktab L110

  • Rugged 10.1" industrial tablet for professional use
  • Scratch-resistant, ultra-bright display that can be operated with gloves and in the rain
  • Replaceable 37 Wh battery for up to 10 hours runtime
  • Water- and dustproof as well as shock-, vibration- and drop-resistant
  • GPS, dual-band WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.2
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