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Quality enjoys top priority with us: Among WEROCK’s corporate values, quality occupies the first position. These values are of fundamental importance to us and have been firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy since the company was founded, because the quality of products as well as services is the greatest guarantee of customer satisfaction. Because we are not satisfied until our customers are, each of our employees contributes with full determination to maintain and increase our product and service quality.

In this blog post, we focus on product quality. We will show you which factors or approaches are important to us when it comes to quality management and what we do to ensure that our customers continuously receive high product quality.

Reliability: Spirit of Rugged Computers

The first and most important aspect for product quality is the reliability and fail-safety of the products. In the case of industrial computers, these can be summarized first as “robustness” – or “rugged” in English. What does this mean? From the user’s perspective, ruggedness is the ability of the computer to continue to function under a wide variety of extreme working conditions. Extreme working conditions can mean different things to different industrial applications, but the most common ones include environments with lots of dust, dirt, water jets and splashes, high humidity, extreme temperature ranges, and environments where the risk of dropping, shock, vibration, and oscillation is particularly high. A high quality rugged computer must easily withstand all these difficulties so that the user’s digital work does not have to be interrupted due to environmental factors.

WEROCK solutions defy all of the above working conditions. All of our models are subjected to multiple tests, both internal and external; they must pass these tests and meet certain performance guidelines to be truly considered rugged by industry standards. This is a fundamental rule in the rugged computer industry; so a rugged computer manufacturer can’t just put the word “rugged” on their products.

Two of the most important test methods or ruggedness standards are IP protection and the U.S. MIL-STD standards (primarily MIL-STD-810). For the IP protection test, devices are tested for resistance to liquids and solid particles, and two numbers are always given for these two ratings. WEROCK computers are all certified to IP65, and some are even IP67: this means that our models are completely dustproof, offer protection against jets of water from all directions, and can even withstand submersion in water for up to 30 minutes.

For MIL-STD-810 certification, devices must undergo even more rigorous environmental resistance testing. Environmental conditions include high and low temperatures, thermal shock, drops (from 1.2 meters), vibration, etc. WEROCK products are certified to MIL-STD-810 to ensure the survival of the devices in real-world applications.

Durability for resource conservation

Products from WEROCK achieve a high level of longevity with the described stability, ruggedness and reliability. This is another cornerstone for the overall product quality. We promise that planned obsolescence or intentional product manipulation will not occur with us. Instead, we take it for granted that all components of our rugged computers meet the highest standards and should easily survive the harshest environmental conditions, which are a major detrimental factor to long life. Ambient temperature, for example, plays a crucial role in the lifespan of computers and we therefore rely on WEROCK devices being able to function properly in a temperature range between -10° and 50°C as a minimum.

A long service life not only provides an excellent usage experience with the IT products themselves; it also makes an enormous contribution to environmental protection – so this is also in line with our sustainability approach, which we will go into again afterwards. For example, the German Federal Environment Agency has recommended using computers for as long as possible instead of buying new ones, because most of the climate-damaging emissions in the life of a computer come from its manufacture. In addition, the devices contain valuable raw materials such as precious metals, the extraction of which is very harmful to nature and, in some cases, to workers. Due to the extended lifetime and thus the extended useful life, the need to buy new equipment is minimized and thus the environmental impact is significantly reduced. Old hardware (also from other manufacturers) can be sent to us for professional recycling.

Sustainability: urgent mission

Sustainability is one of WEROCK’s fundamental principles of action, to which we are fully aligned – without any ifs and buts. We want to have a positive impact on our planet and spare no expense or effort in doing so. That’s why we attach great importance to saving and recycling resources and energies as much as possible.

Our sustainability approach regarding development and production lies in planning the longest possible life cycle and availability for our products. To achieve this, we use high-quality industrial components that have very low failure rates. In this way, we ensure the ruggedness and stability of our models, which are the be-all and end-all of WEROCK’s entire product portfolio. This means that not only are replenishments possible over a longer period of time without any problems, but also repairs and spare parts for as long as we can procure them.
In addition, we have many other environmental protection plans and goals; many of which have already been implemented: for example, our packaging is mainly or completely made of paper; all CO2 emissions from production and transport are offset; goods are transported by rail wherever possible, and so on. More information on our environmental protection strategy can be found on our website at

Industrial computer development driven by innovation

At WEROCK, we set high standards in the development and production of all products. The result is IT solutions with innovative features and high performance, coupled with outstanding stability and reliability. Some of the important innovations include the rugged features, powerful processors, long-lasting high capacity batteries, scratch-resistant, high-resolution and bright displays, outstanding ergonomics and so on.

However, we are not hasty on this point – on the contrary. We observe and test the latest technologies, implement them in our products as quickly as possible. At the same time, however, we allow ourselves enough time for further technical development to ensure that the innovations are really suitable for industrial use. We focus on the right needs of our employees, who come from industry, trade, emergency services and other relevant sectors, so that we always concentrate on what is important and essential.

WEROCK wants to offer you the best IT solutions with the reliable product quality. You can find more information about WEROCK, our approaches as well as products on our company website at

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