How rugged tablets can save lives in fire and rescue services

In rescue operations, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Whether it’s a fire, a serious car accident or a hazardous materials incident, it’s essential that your rescue team can always rely on their technology and not be slowed down by it. By using our rugged tablets, you speed up work processes immensely. And your team can concentrate on the essentials.

Challenges for the rescue forces

Every operation presents your team with new challenges. Reliance on technology starts with the journey to the site. Speed is of the essence. Fast navigation to the destination is therefore absolutely essential. However, navigation is not just about getting from A to B quickly. Your emergency team needs fast and reliable map and traffic information to know about possible detours or traffic jams early on. In the case of fire operations, information about nearby water tapping points is also needed so that your team can draw up a plan for extinguishing the fire while still on the road. Here, permanent communication with the main control center is necessary in order to constantly provide your task forces with new information about the scene of the fire.

Once at the scene, there must continue to be a constant exchange of data between your rescue team and the control center. Important information at the rescue site, such as the extent of the damage, must be communicated immediately so that reinforcements can be requested more quickly. For example, if it is a serious car accident, your control center can send the rescue maps of the vehicles from your database to the tablets of the rescue team to speed up the rescue of trapped accident victims. With the help of QR code, rescue teams can also get important details about the vehicle. Among other things, there is information on where the vehicle may be cut open, where airbags are located and where power lines run. This information protects rescue workers, for example, from airbags and electric shocks that have not yet been deployed and by cutting open the vehicle in a targeted manner.

For fire operations in complexes of buildings, fire response plans can be sent to all tablets in the field to help your rescue team find their way around the building more quickly.
Every deployment must be accurately documented. The goals of deployment documentation can be grouped into several categories. The primary goal is to document all necessary data of the operation in a legally compliant manner for possible later legal issues. In particular, the course of the operation with its special incidents and the measures taken are of decisive importance. But photographic documentation is also essential. Mobile tablets help speed up this process for your team. Some fire departments have been using information and communications software on their rugged tablets for several years, designed specifically for managing large-scale incidents. Integrated features such as incident diaries, staff communication, situation displays or the management and dispatch of emergency forces make operations much easier.

Why are rugged tablets so suitable for rescue operations?

For you, rescue and emergency services operations are about gaining time, gathering available information and passing it on without loss – in short, it’s literally a matter of life and death. Working efficiently and effectively can make all the difference in the field. Thanks to current technologies, rugged tablets optimize the workflow of your rescue forces. Paramedics receive alerts on their tablet, can familiarize themselves with the situation on the way to the scene. Once the patient has received initial care, the hospital can be informed of the patient’s symptoms during transport. Direct communication greatly speeds up patient processing and billing while improving the chances of treatment.
Firefighters have to contend with very sharp temperature differences during fire operations. Large fires can quickly reach temperatures of up to 1000°C. So when documenting a fire, you need to have a tablet that can withstand these strong temperature fluctuations. Many such devices are already certified to the MIL-STD-810G standard. This term stands for a military standard that allows tablets to be tested for resistance to harsh conditions. This includes heat, rain, drops, shocks or even chemicals.
In addition to the robust outer shell, the display must also always be legible and operable for your emergency forces in the field. Non-reflective surfaces allow reliable use even in the strongest lighting conditions.
Another plus is the unbeatable mobility. You can easily mount tablets in your emergency vehicles using vehicle mounts and always have access to all necessary data even while driving. At the site of operation, you simply remove the tablets from the holder and continue to use them on the move.
Since every second counts in critical situations, your technology cannot afford any failures or battery problems. Robust tablets have a very long battery life, which allows constant use without charging breaks. This aspect is especially important for disaster control missions, where tablets have to be used for long periods of time.

The Rocktab Ultra U200 series is your technical first aid kit in rescue operations

Are you still looking for mobile, rugged devices that will make the difference on your next rescue mission? Then the Rocktab Ultra U200 series will reach out to you. The excellent Rocktab U212 is a true revolution among rugged tablets. It’s built to withstand the toughest conditions. Powerful Intel® Core™ i5 or Pentium™ processor options deliver exactly the performance you need in any application. The display offers 850cd/m² brightness, making it unrestricted for sustained outdoor use. The Rocktab U212‘s removable 45 Wh battery is designed to be hot-swappable, allowing for potentially unlimited, uninterrupted battery life. For your emergency responders, this tablet is a personal first aid kit and can’t be missing from your next mission.

More information about the Rocktab Ultra U200 series is available at



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