WEROCK introduces ergonomic drone controller chest pack

WEROCK Technologies GmbH, manufacturer of rugged tablets, notebooks and mobile computers, introduces the “Drone Controller Chest Pack”. With its ergonomic carrying system, it offers all-day carrying comfort and storage space for additional equipment. The pack primarily supports pilots during inspections, filming, emergency operations and all other drone flights with a focus on live video broadcasts.

The Drone Controller Chest Pack is the ideal companion for drone pilots. The base consists of the Comox Harness, whose webbing, straps as well as click closures are ergonomically and individually adjustable to the wearer. The harness itself is made of mesh with three rows of high-density foam. This makes the harness well ventilated and comfortable to sit in all day long. The drone controller is firmly attached to the Chest Pack thanks to appropriate mounts, so it is always close to the body without having to be held. This provides more safety in open terrain, as the pilot has both hands free during flight.

The MOLLE-compatible system (modular lightweight load carrier system) offers a variety of ways to securely attach additional holsters and implements to the backpack. This way, field equipment is always within reach. Extensions such as radio and bottle holsters are conceivable, but backpacks can also be worn comfortably over the backpack. The many customization options will help drone pilots from a wide range of industries, such as utilities, agriculture, forestry, video production, and emergency services.

Drone Controller Chest Pack Features

  • Professional drone controller carrying solution for professional environments
  • Increases productivity
  • Different variants available for market-leading drones
  • Increased safety by eliminating the need to hold equipment when moving in difficult terrain
  • Excellent ergonomics: suitable for all body sizes
  • Super comfortable: the mesh harness is well ventilated and multi-adjustable.
  • Field equipment within easy reach
  • Compatible with backpacks: Comfortable to wear under a backpack
  • Customizable to your needs: The harness is expandable with accessories such as a radio pocket, bottle pocket or utensil pocket

Markus Nicoleit, Managing Director of WEROCK Technologies GmbH, is enthusiastic about the new addition to the product range: “The Chest Pack not only offers the user more safety in open terrain, but also increases his productivity. The comfortable Comox Harness ensures that the controller does not have to be held all day. It also leaves both of the pilot’s hands free to use other equipment that can be attached to the harness within reach. The Drone Controller Chest Pack is a true all-rounder for all industries where drones are used professionally.”

In addition to the following four different DJI controller variants available now, additional variants are planned.

  • DJI Matrice 300 controller
  • DJI Cendence controller
  • DJI Smart controller
  • DJI Phantom/Inspire Controller

For more information on the Chest Pack drone controller and WEROCK Technologies GmbH, visit https://www.werocktools.com/accessories/product_category-tablet-chest-packs/. The Chest Pack is also available under the name “Ruxton Pack” as a practical transport solution for tablets of all kinds.

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